List of families covered

In order to make this site easier to use for research, this page provides an alphabetical index to the families covered in the posts issued to date. It will be revised after each new posting. Where a post covers a family with a name that has changed over time, the index will include references to each version of the name. Double-barrelled names will be entered under both the first and last elements. The number in brackets after each entry refers to the number assigned to the family and used in the title of each post. These numbers are hyper-linked to the post in question, so just click on the number to follow the link and scroll down to find the relevant section of the post.

Alphabetical index of families covered so far

Abadam of Middleton Hall (1)
Abbot of Kidbrooke Park, Barons Colchester (2)
Abbott of Hendon Place, Barons Tenterden (3)
Abdy of Albyns and Moores, baronets (4)
Abdy of Felix Hall and Chobham Place, baronets (4)
Abercromby of Birkenbog and Forglen, baronets (5)
Abercromby of Colinton, Barons Dunfermline (6)
Abercromby of Fetternear (5)
Abercromby of Glassaugh (5)
Abercromby of Tullibody and Airthrey, Barons Abercromby (6)
Ablett of Llanbedr Hall (7)
Abney of Abney House, Stoke Newington (9)
Abney of Measham Hall (8)
Abney and Abney-Hastings of Willesley Hall (9)
Abrahall of Ingestone House (264)
Acheson of Gosford Castle, baronets and Earls of Gosford (10)
Achmuty of Brianstown (11)
Ackers of Great Moreton Hall (12)
Ackers of Huntley Manor (13)
Ackers of Lark Hall, Salford and Putney (12)
Ackers of Prinknash Park (13)
Acklom of Wiseton Hall (14)
Acland (Palmer-Acland and Fuller-Palmer-Acland) of Fairfield (16)
Acland of Killerton and Columbjohn, baronets (15)
Acton of Acton Scott (17)
Acton (Lyon-Dalberg-Acton) of Aldenham, Barons Acton (21)
Acton of Gatacre Park (18)
Acton of Kilmacurragh or West Aston (19)
Acton of Lower Wolverton Hall (20)
Adair of Ballymena Castle and Flixton Hall (23)
Adair of Bellegrove and Glenveagh Castle (22)
Adair of Heatherton Park and Colehayes (24)
Adair of Kinhilt (23)
Adair of Loughanmore (25)
Adam of Blair Adam (26)
Adam (Forbes Adam) of Escrick Hall, baronets (28)
Adam of Denmore (27)
Adams (Woollcombe-Adams and Stopford-Adams) of Ansty Hall (29)
Adams of Bowden House and Old House, Sydenham (30)
Adams of Drumelton and Erne View (31)
Adams of Greenfield Hall and Woore Manor (32)
Adams of Holyland and Paterchurch (33)
Adams (Goold-Adams) of Kilbree House and Jamesbrook (36)
Adams of Middleton Hall (1)
Adams of Northlands (34)
Adams of Shercock (34)
Adams of Sprowston Hall, baronets (35)
Adamson of Careston Castle (37)
Adamson of Linden Hall (38)
Adamson of Stracathro House (37)
Addenbrooke of The Lea and Wollaston Hall (39)
Adderley of Blake Hall (40)
Adderley (Broughton-Adderley) of Coton Hall, Barlaston Hall and Tunstall Hall (43)
Adderley of Hams Hall and Fillongley Hall, Barons Norton (41)
Adderley of Weddington Hall (42)
Addington of Up Ottery and Erleigh Court, Viscounts Sidmouth (44)
Addis of Woodside (45)
Addyes of Great Barr (46)
Adeane of Babraham (47)
Adeane of Chalgrove (47)
Adlam of Chew Magna Manor House (48)
Adlercron (Ladeveze-Adlercron) of Moyglare and Culverthorpe Hall (49)
Affleck of Dalham Hall, baronets (50)
Agar of Brockfield Hall (51)
Agar (and Agar-Ellis) of Gowran Castle, Barons Mendip, Barons Dover and Viscounts Clifden (52)
Agar of Somerley, Earls of Normanton (53)
Agard of Foston Hall (54)
Agard of Sudbury and Dunstall (54)
Agg (and Agg-Gardner) of The Hewletts (265)
Aglionby of Nunnery and Drawdykes Castle (55)
Agnew of Croach alias Lochryan (57)
Agnew of Kilwaughter (56)
Agnew of Lochnaw, baronets (57)
Agnew of Rougham Hall and Great Stanhope St., baronets (58)
Aiken of Dalmoak (59)
Aikman (Robertson-Aikman) of Ross House (60)
Ainscough of Parbold (61)
Ainslie of Delgatie Castle (62)
Ainslie of Pilton, Great Torrington and The Rolls, baronets (63)
Ainsworth of Backbarrow, The Flosh and Ardanaiseig, baronets (64)
Ainsworth of Smithills Hall and Moss Bank (65)
Airmyn of Osgodby, baronets (66)
Aislabie of Studley Royal, Hackfall, Kirkby Fleetham Hall and Waverley Abbey (266)
Aitchison of Lemmington Hall and Coupland Castle, baronets (67)
Aitken of Cherkley Court, Barons Beaverbrook (68)
Aland (and Fortescue-Aland) of Nymph Hall and Knolls Hill, Barons Fortescue of Credan (69)
Albright of Bromsberrow Place (70)
Alcock of Wilton Castle (71)
Aldam (Warde-Aldam) of Hooton Pagnell and Frickley Hall (72)
Aldersey of Aldersey Hall (73)
Aldous of Freston House and Chediston Hall (270)
Aldridge of St. Leonard's House and Inholmes (74)
Aldworth of Frogmore House (268)
Aldworth of Newmarket Court (75)
Aldworth of Stanlake Park (268)
Alen of St. Wolstans alias Alencourt (76)
Alexander of Aubrey House, Kensington and Heathfield Park (83)
Alexander (and Hagart-Alexander) of Ballochmyle, baronets (85)
Alexander of Boghall and Newton (85)
Alexander of Boydstone and Carlung (77)
Alexander of Caledon, Earls of Caledon (79)
Alexander of Caw, Enagh and Termon House (78)
Alexander (and Cable-Alexander), baronets (84)
Alexander of Menstrie, Earls of Stirling (80)
Alexander of Milford House (81)
Alexander of Powis House and Westerton House (82)
Alexander of Tyttenhanger, Earls Alexander of Tunis (79)
Alington of Horseheath Hall and Wymondley, Barons Alington (86)
Alington of Little Barford Manor and Letchworth Hall (87)
Alington of Swinhope House (88)
Allan of Aros House (90)
Allan (and Havelock-Allan) of Blackwell Grange, baronets (89)
Allanby (or Allenby) of Garnsgate Hall, Kenwick Hall, Balblair and Felixstowe, Viscounts Allenby (91)
Allardice (and Barclay-Allardice) of Allardice Castle (92)
Allcard of Burton Closes and Wimblehurst (267)
Allcroft (and Magnus-Allcroft) of Stokesay Court (93)
Allen of Bathampton Manor and Prior Park (94)
Allen of Bibsworth (95)
Allen of Bicton (102)
Allen of Cilrhiw (102)
Allen of Clashenure, Liscongill and Greenfield House (96)
Allen of Coleridge House (97)
Allen of Cresselly House (102)
Allen of Davenham Hall (98)
Allen of Evenley Hall and Achmore House (99)
Allen of Gelliswick (102)
Allen of Lisconnan House (100)
Allen (and Allen-Jeffereys) of Lyngford House and Stocklinch Manor (101)
Allen of Rickeston Hall (102)
Allen of Stillorgan, Viscounts Allen (103)
Alleyn of Gresley Hall (104)
Alleyn of Hatfield Peverel and Little Leighs (105)
Alleyn of Ightham Mote (104)
Alleyn of London and Totteridge (105)
Allfrey of Hemingford House (106)
Allfrey of Wokefield Park (106)
Allgood of Nunwick Hall and The Hermitage (107)
Allhusen of Elswick Hall, Stoke Court and Bradenham Hall (108)
Allin of Somerleyton Hall, baronets (109)
Allison of Undercliff, Cleadon (110)
Allix of Swaffham Prior House and Willoughby Hall (111)
Allott of Hague Hall, South Kirkby (112)
Alloway of The Derries (113)
Allsopp of Hindlip Hall, Barons Hindlip (114)
Alston of Chelsea and Bradwell Abbey (115)
Alston (and Alston-Roberts-West) of Elmdon Hall (116)
Alston of Odell Castle, baronets (117)
Alston of Pishiobury and The Tofte (117)
Alston of Sayham Hall, Newton (117)
Altham of Mark Hall and Timbercombe (118)
Altham of Oxhey Place (118)
Amcotts (and Cracroft-Amcotts) of Harrington Hall and Kettlethorpe Hall (119)
Ames of Ayot House and The Hyde (120)
Ames of Bristol (120)
Ames of Cote House (120)
Ames of Linden Hall and Ghyllheugh (120)
Amherst of Bayhall and Montreal House, Earls Amherst (121)
Amherst (and Tyssen-Amherst) of Didlington Hall and Foulden Hall, Barons Amherst of Hackney (122)
Amory (and Heathcoat-Amory) of Knightshayes, baronets (123)
Amphlett of Clent House (124)
Amphlett of Four Ashes Hall (124)
Amphlett of Hadzor House and Wychbold Hall (124)
Amphlett of Horseley House (124)
Ancketill of Ancketill's Grove (125)
Anderdon of Henlade House (126)
Anderson of Anderson Place, Newcastle and Little Harle Tower (130)
Anderson of Eyeworth, baronets (127)
Anderson of Grace Dieu (128)
Anderson of Jesmond House (129)
Anderson of Lea Hall and Kilnwick Percy, baronets (127)
Anderson of Manby Hall (127)
Anderson of Notgrove House (131)
Anderson of Pendley Manor, baronets (132)
Anderson of Quarter House (133)
Anderson of St. Germains, Bowerhouse and Inchyra (134)
Anderton of Clayton and Bardsea Hall (135)
Anderton of Euxton Hall (135)
Anderton of Lostock Hall, baronets (136)
Andrewes (and Andrewes-Uthwatt) of Lathbury (139)
Andrews (or Andrew) of Charwelton and Winwick (138)
Andrews of Comber (137)
Andrews of Denton, baronets (138)
Andrews (or Andrew) of Harlestone and Creaton (138)
Andrews of Little Lever and Rivington (140)
Andrews of Rathenny (141)
Andrews of Shaw Place and Donnington Grove, baronets (142)
Angerstein of Weeting Hall and Woodlands House, Greenwich (143)
Anguish of Great Melton Hall and Somerleyton Hall (144)
Anketell of Ancketill's Grove (125)
Anne of Frickley Hall and Burghwallis Hall (145)
Annesley (Grove Annesley) of Annes Grove (148)
Annesley of Bletchingdon Park and Camolin Park, Barons Altham, Viscounts Valentia, Earls of Anglesey and Earls of Mountnorris (146)
Annesley of Castlewellan, Mount Panther and Donard Lodge, Earls Annesley (147)
Annesley of Thorganby (146)
Anson of Shugborough, Ranton Abbey and Orgreave Hall, Earls of Lichfield (149)
Anstruther of Balcaskie, baronets (150)
Anstruther (and Carmichael-Anstruther) of Elie House and Carmichael House, baronets (151)
Antonie (and Lee-Antonie) of Colworth House (152)
Antrobus of Amesbury Abbey, baronets (153)
Antrobus of Eaton Hall (153)
Anwyl of Parc and Llugwy Hall (154)
Ap Rhys see Apreece
Apperly of Rodborough Court (155)
Applewhaite of Pickenham Hall (156)
Apreece of Washingley Hall, Honington Hall and Effingham House, baronets (157)
Arblaster of Llysways Hall (158)
Arbuthnot of Elderslie Lodge (159)
Arbuthnott of Arbuthnott, Viscounts of Arbuthnott (160)
Arbuthnott (and Carnegy-Arbuthnott) of Findowrie and Balnamoon (161)
Arcedeckne of Glevering Hall (162)
Archbold of Davidstown House (163)
Archdale or Archdall of Castle Archdale (164)
Archdale or Archdall of Riversdale, baronets (164)
Archer of Hale Park (166)
Archer of Mount John (167)
Archer of Trelaske (165)
Archer of Umberslade, Barons Archer (166)
Archibald of Rusland Hall (168)
Arden of Arden Hall and Pepper Arden, Barons Alvanley (169)
Arden of Longcroft Hall (170)
Arden of Park Hall (170)
Arden of Rickmansworth Park, Sunbury Park, Pontfaen House and East Burnham House (171)
Arkwright of Hampton Court and Kinsham Court (172)
Arkwright of Hatton House (175)
Arkwright of Mark Hall and Parndon Hall (173)
Arkwright of Sanderstead Court and Knuston Hall (173)
Arkwright of Sutton Scarsdale and Normanton Turville (174)
Arkwright of Willersley Castle and Willersey House (175)
Armine of Osgodby, baronets (66)
Armitage of Farnley Hall (176)
Armitage of High Royd and Milnsbridge House (177)
Armitage of Moraston House (178)
Armitage of Noan (176)
Armitstead of Cranage Hall (179)
Armstrong of Ballycumber House and Clara House (180)
Armstrong of Castle Armstrong, Garry Castle and Castle Iver (180)
Armstrong (and Watson-Armstrong) of Cragside and Bamburgh, Barons Armstrong (181)
Armstrong (and Wright-Armstrong) of Dean's Hill and Killylea (183)
Armstrong (and Heaton-Armstrong) of Farney Castle and Mount Heaton (182)
Armstrong of Gallen Priory, baronets (180)
Armstrong of Moyaliffe and Chaffpool (182)
Armstrong of Nancealverne (180)
Armytage of Kirklees Hall, baronets (184)
Arnold (and Coape-Arnold) of Ashby Lodge, Mirables and Wolvey Hall (185)
Arnold of Milton Hall (186)
Arnold of Nethercott House (187)
Arscott of Dunsland House (188)
Arscott of Tetcott House (188)
Arthur of Carlung House, Barshaw Park, Montgomerie House and Stairaird, Barons Glenarthur (189)
Arthur of Clapton Court (190)
Arthur of Glenomera (191)
Arton (and Bourne-Arton) of Sleningford Park and Tanfield Lodge (192)
Arundell (Hunter-Arundell) of Barjarg Tower (196)
Arundell of Lanherne (195)
Arundell of Lifton Park (193)
Arundell of Menadarva, Trengwainton, Kenegie (193)
Arundell of Trerice, Barons Arundell of Trerice (194)
Arundell of Wardour Castle, Barons Arundell of Wardour (195)
Asgill of Asgill House, Richmond, baronets (197)
Ash or Ashe (and Hamilton-Ash and Beresford-Ash) of Ashbrook House (198)
Ash of Packwood House (199)
Ashburnham of Ashburnham Place, Earls of Ashburnham (200)
Ashburnham of Broomham, baronets (201)
Ashby of Brakspears (202)
Ashby of Quenby Hall and Naseby Hall (203)
Ashe of Ashfield (204)
Ashe of Ashgrove (Tipperary) (204)
Ashe of Freshford, Heytesbury, Twickenham and Langley Burrell (204)
Ashfield of Stow Hall and Eastwood Park, baronets (205)
Ashhurst of Highgate and Castle Hedingham (206)
Ashhurst of Waterstock, baronets (206)
Ashley of Broadlands, Barons Mount Temple (207)
Ashley (later Ashley-Cooper) of Wimborne St Giles, Earls of Shaftesbury (207)
Ashton of Hyde, Little Onn Hall and Broadwell Hill, Barons Ashton of Hyde (208)
Ashton of Soulton Hall (269)
Ashton of Stoney Middleton Hall, Whiteley Wood Hall and Hathersage Hall (209)
Ashton of Woolton Hall and Hefferston Grange (210)
Ashwin of Bretforton Manor (211)
Ashworth of Birtenshaw and The Oaks (212)
Ashworth of Egerton Hall and Horsley Hall (212)
Askew of Pallinsburn and Ladykirk (213)
Askew of Redheugh (213)
Aspinall of Standen Hall (214)
Asquith of Mells Manor House, Earls of Oxford & Asquith (215)
Assheton of Ashton-under-Lyne and Middleton Hall, baronets (216)
Assheton of Cuerdale Hall and Downham Hall, baronets and Barons Clitheroe (216)
Assheton of Great Lever, baronets (216)
Astell of Everton House and Woodbury Hall (217)
Astley of Dukinfield Lodge and Arisaig House (218)
Astley (later Astley-Corbett) of Eastcote House, Everleigh Manor and Elsham Hall, baronets (220)
Astley of Maidstone, Barons Astley of Reading (219)
Astley of Melton Constable and Seaton Delaval, baronets and Barons Hastings (219)
Astley of Patshull Hall, baronets (220
Aston of Aston-by-Sutton, baronets (221)
Aston of Tixall Hall, Barons Aston of Forfar (222)
Aston of Wadley House, baronets (221)
Astor of Cliveden, Viscounts Astor (223)
Astor of Hatley Park (223)
Astor of Hever Castle, Barons Astor of Hever (223)
Astor of Kirby House, Inkpen (223)
Astrey of Harlington Woodend (224)
Astrey of Henbury (224)
Atcherley of Marton (225)
Atherley of Landguard Manor (226)
Atherley of Northbrook House (226)
Atherton of Atherton Hall and Bewsey Hall (227)
Athorpe of Dinnington Hall (228)
Athy (and Lynch-Athy) of Renville (229)
Atkins of Clapham, baronets (230)
Atkins of Firville (231)
Atkins (and Burnaby-Atkins) of Halstead Place (233)
Atkins (and Martin-Atkins) of Kingston Lisle (232)
Atkinson of Angerton Hall (234)
Atkinson of Ashley Park (235)
Atkinson of Cangort (235)
Atkinson of Cavangarden (236)
Atkinson of Crow Hill (237)
Atkinson of Glenwilliam Castle (238)
Atkinson of Lorbottle Hall (239)
Atkinson of Morland Hall (241)
Atkinson of Stowell (240)
Atkinson of Temple Sowerby House (241)
Atkyns of Sapperton, Swell Bowl, Pinbury Park and Ketteringham Hall (242)
Attenborough of Catesby (243)
Atthill of Brandiston Hall (244)
Attwood (and Freeman-Attwood) of Halesowen and Sion Hill House (245)
Atty of Ingon Grange (246)
Atwood of Littlebury Hall (247)
Atwood of Sanderstead Court (248)
Aubrey of Llantrithyd, baronets (249)
Aubrey-Fletcher of Chilton and Dorton, baronets (249)
Aucher of Otterden Place and Bourne Park, baronets (250)
Auchinleck of Crevenagh (251)
Auchmuty of Kilmore House (11)
Aufrere of Hoveton Old Hall and Walpole House, Chelsea (252)
Austen of Hall Place, baronets (253)
Austen of Heronden and Boxley Abbey, baronets (253)
Austen of Horsmonden, Kippington House and Capel Manor (254)
Austen of Shalford House (255)
Austin of Brandeston Hall (256)
Austin of Lickey Grange, Baron Austin (257)
Awdry of Notton House (258)
Awdry of Seend Manor House (258)
Aykroyd of Birstwith Hall, baronets (259)
Aylmer of Ballycannon, Courtown and Kerdiffstown (261)
Aylmer of Donadea Castle, baronets (260)
Aylmer of Lyons (261)
Aylmer of Walworth Castle (260)
Aylward of Ballynagar (262)
Aylward (later Toler-Aylward) of Shankill Castle (262)
Aytoun of Inchdairnie House (263)

Baber of Chew Court and Regilbury Manor (301)
Babington of Dethick (302)
Babington of Rothley Temple and Cossington (302)
Backhouse of Darlington and The Rookery, baronets (303)
Backhouse of Pilmore Hall, Shull and Dryderdale Hall (303)
Backhouse of St. John's Hall and Sutton Court (303)
Backhouse of Swallowfield Park (304)
Bacon of Burton Latimer Hall (305)
Bacon of Earlham Hall (306)
Bacon of Gillingham Hall (306)
Bacon of Gorhambury, Viscount St Albans (306)
Bacon of Redgrave and Raveningham, baronets (306)
Bacon of Shrubland Hall (306)
Bacon of Stiffkey (306)
Badcock of Little Missenden Abbey (307)
Badd of Cams Hall, baronet (308)
Baesh alias Bashe of Stanstead Bury (471)
Bagenal of Dunleckney Manor and Benekerry (309)
Bagenal of Newry (309)
Bagge of Gaywood Hall (310)
Bagge of Islington Hall and Stradsett Hall, baronets (310)
Bagot of Ard House, Ballyturin House and Aughrane Castle (311)
Bagot of Blithfield, baronets and later Barons Bagot (312)
Bagot (and Howard) of Ashtead Park (312)
Bagot of Kilcoursey House (311)
Bagot of Levens Hall, baronets (313)
Bagot of Pype Hayes Hall (312)
Bagshawe of Ford Hall and Banner Cross Hall (314)
Bagshawe of Wormhill Hall and Oakes Park (315)
Bagwell of Eastgrove (316)
Bagwell of Marlfield (316)
Baikie of Tankerness (317)
Baildon of Baildon (318)
Bailey of Lee Abbey (320)
Bailey of Nantyglo and Glanusk Park, Barons Glanusk (319)
Bailie of Inishargy (325)
Bailie of Ringdufferin (325)

Baillie of Dochfour, Barons Burton (321432)
Baillie of Duntisbourne House (322)
Baillie of Jerviswood and Mellerstain (323)
Baillie of Polkemmet and Leeds Castle, baronets (324)
Baillie of Redcastle and Tarradale (321)
Baillie-Hamilton of Tyninghame, Barons Haddington (323)
Bainbridge of Frankfield (326)
Bainbrigge of Lockington Hall (327)
Bainbrigge of Woodseat Hall (327)
Baird of Elie House and Wellwood House (328)
Baird (and Maturin-Baird) of Boom Hall and Langham Hall (330)
Baird of Lochwood, Cambusdoon, Ury and Rickarton, Viscounts Stonehaven (328)
Baird of Newbyth, baronets (329)
Baird of Saughtonhall, baronets (329)
Baker of Bayfordbury (331)
Baker of Bristol, Redland Court, West Hay and Ramsden House (339)
Baker (and Baker-Baker) of Crook Hall, Elemore Hall and Sedbury Hall (332)
Baker (and Meath Baker) of Fenton House and Hasfield Court (340)
Baker (and Bellyse Baker) of Highfields (333)
Baker of Lismacue (334)
Baker (and Baker-Wilbraham) of Loventor and Rode Hall, baronets (335)
Baker of Owletts (336)
Baker of Ranston (337)
Baker of Sissinghurst, baronets (338)
Baker (and Lloyd-Baker) of Stouts Hill and Hardwicke Court (339)
Baker of Waresley House (339)
Baldwin of Wilden House and Astley Hall, Earls Baldwin of Bewdley (341)
Baldwyn of Elsich Manor, Stokesay Castle and Aqualate Hall (342)
Bale of Carlton Curlieu, baronets (343)
Balfe of South Park House (344)
Balfour of Balbirnie (345)
Balfour of Balfour Castle, Shapinsay (346)
Balfour of Balgonie and Newton Don (351)
Balfour of Burleigh Castle, Barons Balfour of Burleigh (348)
Balfour of Castle Balfour and Townley Hall (350)
Balfour of Dawyck (347)
Balfour of Fernie Castle (348)
Balfour of Kindrogan (348)
Balfour of The Manor, Sidmouth (349)
Balfour of Whittingehame, Earls of Balfour (351)
Balguy of Aston Hall (352)
Balguy of Derwent Hall and Duffield Park (352)
Ball of Ballygall and Ballsgrove (353)
Ball of Dublin, Mooreside and Reynoldstown (353)
Ball-Acton of Kilmacurragh or West Aston (19)
Balme (and Wheatley-Balme and Jones-Balme) of Cote Wall and High Close (354)
Balzani of Kilwaughter (56)
Bamford of Hawthornden Manor, Wootton Lodge and Daylesford House (472)
Bampfylde of Hestercombe (355)
Bampfylde of Poltimore, baronets and Barons Poltimore (355)
Bankes of Kingston Lacy (356)
Bankes of Soughton Hall (357)
Bankes of Winstanley Hall (358)
Banks of Beck House, Giggleswick (361)
Banks of Highmoor House (359)
Banks of Revesby Abbey (361)
Banks of Ridgebourne and Hergest Croft (362)
Banks of Sheppey Court and Oxney Court (360)
Bannerman of Elsick and Crimonmogate, baronets (363)
Bannerman (and Campbell-Bannerman) of Hunton Court and Belmont Castle (364)
Bannerman of Wyastone Leys (364)
Barber of Lamb Close House, baronets (365)
Barbour of Bolesworth Castle (366)
Barchard of Horsted Place (367)
Barclay of Brent Pelham Hall (369)
Barclay of Bury Hill (368)
Barclay of Eastwick Park (368)
Barclay of Hanworth Hall (369)
Barclay of Ury House (370)
Barclay of Youngsbury, Knotts Green, Higham and Colney Hall (369)
Barclay-Allardice of Allardice Castle (92)
Bardwell of Bolton Hall (371)
Bargrave of Bifrons Place (372)
Bargrave of Eastry Court (372)
Barham of Snape House and Hole Park (373)
Baring of Beaudesert Park, High Beach, and Ardington House (377)
Baring of Howick, Barons Howick of Glendale (374)
Baring of Membland and Lambay Castle, Barons Revelstoke (375)
Baring of Norman Court (376)
Baring of Stratton Park, Earls of Northbrook (377)
Baring of The Grange, Barons Ashburton (378)
Barker of Albrighton Hall (385)
Barker of Ashford Hall and Brooklands (379)
Barker of Bocking Hall and Kilcooley Abbey, baronets (383)
Barker of Clare Priory (380)
Barker of Colehurst Manor (384)
Barker (and Raymond-Barker) of Fairford Park (381)
Barker of Gaskyns and Dulas Court (382)
Barker of Grimston Hall (383)
Barker of Grove House, Chiswick (387)
Barker of Hambleton Old Hall and Lyndon Hall (386)
Barker of Haughmond Abbey (384)
Barker of Hopton Castle (384)
Barker of Hurst Lodge (387)
Barker of Shropham (473)
Barker of Sonning (387)
Barker of Stanlake Park (388)
Barkham of South Acre, baronets (389)
Barkham of Wainfleet, baronets (389)
Barlow of Barlow Hall (390)
Barlow of Creswell Castle and Lawrenny Hall (391)
Barlow of Middlethorpe Hall (392)
Barlow of Slebech Hall, baronets (391)
Barnard (and Boldero) of Cave Castle (393)
Barnard of Hull and Beverley (393)
Barnard of Kempston Hoo, Cople House and Furzebrook House (394)
Barnardiston of Brightwell Hall (395)
Barnardiston of Kedington Hall (395)
Barnardiston of London and The Ryes (395)
Barne of May Place, Crayford (396)
Barne of Sotterley Hall and Dunwich (396)
Barne of Tower Place, Woolwich (396)
Barneby of Brockhampton Park (397)
Barneby of Clater Park and Saltmarshe Castle (397)
Barneby of Longworth Hall (397)
Barnes of Great Duryard (398)
Barnesley of Eardisley Park (474)
Barnett of Glympton Park (399)
Barnett of Stratton Park (400)
Barnewall of Bloomsbury (401)
Barnewall of Trimlestown, Barons Trimlestown (401)
Barnewall of Turvey House, Viscounts Barnewall of Trimlestown (401)
Barnham of Boughton Monchelsea Place, baronets (402)
Barnston of Churton Hall and Crewe Hill (403)
Barnwell of Mileham Hall (404)
Baron of Tregeare (405)
Barran of Chapel Allerton Hall and Sawley Hall, baronets (406)
Barran of Shadwell Grove and Madehurst Lodge (406)
Barrett (and Mockler-Barrett) of Milton Manor House (407)
Barrington of Barrington Hall, Hatfield Broad Oak, baronets (408)
Barrington of Beckett House, Viscounts Barrington (409)
Barrington of Glenstal Castle, baronets (410)
Barrington of Swainston Manor, baronets (408)
Barron of Carrickbarrahane and Georgestown House (411)
Barron of Glenanna, Belmont Park and Woodstown House (411)
Barrow of Ringwood Hall, Normanton Hall and Holmewood (412)
Barrow of Southwell and Sydnope Hall (412)
Barry of Ballyclough and Lisnagar (413)
Barry of Castle Cor (414)
Barry of Castle Lyons and Anngrove, Earls of Barrymore (415)
Barry of Dundullerick (419)
Barry of Great Witchingham Hall (416)

Barry of Hampton Gay (416)
Barry of Leamlara (417)
Barry of Marbury Hall and Fota House (421)
Barry of St. Leonards Hill and Ockwells (416)
Barry of Santry Court, Barons Barry of Santry (418)
Barton of Caldy Manor (425)
Barton of Clonelly (423)
Barton of Glendalough (422)
Barton of Grove (423)
Barton of Holme Hall and Smithills Hall (424)
Barton of Rochestown House (423)
Barton of Straffan House (423)
Barton of Swinton Park, Stapleton Park and Saxby Hall (425)
Barton of The Waterfoot (423)
Barttelot of Stopham House (426)
Barwick of Inholmes (427)
Barwick of Thimbleby Hall, baronets (427)
Bashe alias Baesh of Stanstead Bury (471)
Baskerville of Aberedw and Clyro Court (429)
Baskerville of Bayworth (428)
Baskerville of Crowsley Park (431)
Baskerville of Eardisley (429)
Baskerville of Pontrilas Court (429)
Baskerville of Richardson, Winterbourne Bassett (430)
Baskerville of Woolley Grange, Bradford-on-Avon (431)
Bass of Rangemore Hall and Byrkley Lodge, baronets and Barons Burton (432)
Basset of Beaupré Castle (433)
Basset of Tehidy Park, Barons de Dunstanville and Basset of Stratton (435)
Bassett of Bonvilston and Crossways (436)
Bassett of Heanton Court, Umberleigh House and Watermouth Castle (434)
Bastard of Blandford Forum and Charlton Marshall (437)
Bastard of Kitley and Buckland Court (438)
Batchelor of Combe Florey House (439)
Bate of Kelsterton Hall (440)
Bateman of Altavilla (441)
Bateman of Bedford House and Bertholey House (441)
Bateman of Brightlingsea Hall (445)
Bateman of Hartington Hall, Breadsall Mount and Morley Manor (442)
Bateman of Kynpersley Hall and Biddulph Grange (445)
Bateman of Middleton Hall and Lomberdale Hall (443)
Bateman of Oak Park (441)
Bateman of Old Windsor (444)
Bateman of Shobdon Court and Totteridge Park (444)
Bateman of Tolson Hall (445)
Bates of Gyrn Castle, Manydown Park and Hinderton Hall (447)
Bateson of Orangefield and Belvoir Park, baronets and Barons Deramore (448)
Bath of Alltyferin (449)
Bathurst (later Hervey-Bathurst) of Clarendon Park (454)
Bathurst of Finchcocks (451)
Bathurst of Franks Hall (450)
Bathurst of Hothorpe, Cirencester and Langwith, Earls Bathurst (450)
Bathurst of Lechlade, baronets (452)
Bathurst of Lydney, Viscounts Bledisloe (453)
Batson of Winkfield Place and Horseheath Lodge (455)
Batt of Gresham Hall (456)
Batt of Purdysburn House (457)
Batt of Rathmullan House (457)
Batten of Aldon House and Upcerne Manor (458)
Battersby of Bobsville (459)
Battersby of Lakefield House (459)
Battersby of Newcastle House and Lough Bawn (459)
Battley of Willbrook and Belvidere Hall (460)
Baumgartner of Island Hall (461)
Baxendale of Greenham Lodge and Framfield Place (462)
Baxter of Gilston House and Teasses House (463)
Baxter of Kilmaron Castle and Kincaldrum House (463)
Baxter of Sibdon Castle (464)
Bayley of Willaston Hall (465)
Bayly of Ballyarthur (466)
Bayly of Plas Newydd, baronets (466)
Bayly-Vandeleur of Wardenstown (466)
Baynham of Clearwell Court (467)
Baynham of Westbury Court (467)
Bayning of Little Bentley Hall, Viscounts Bayning (468)
Bayntun of Bromham House and Spye Park (469)
Bayntun-Rolt of Spye Park, baronets (469)
Bazley of Hatherop Castle, baronets (470)
Beach of Fittleton Manor, Keevil House, Netheravon House and Oakley Hall (501)
Beadon of Gotton House (502)
Beale of Drumlamford and Standen House, baronets (503)
Beale of Heath House, Leintwardine (504)
Beamish of Annemount, Ashgrove and Ashbourne (505)
Beamish of Cashelmore and Hare Hill (505)
Beamish of Kilmalooda (505)
Beamish of Mount Beamish (505)
Beamish of Willsgrove, Beaumont House and Ditchley House (505)
Bearcroft of Mere Hall (506)
Beatty of Borodale, Brooksby Hall and Chicheley Hall, Earls Beatty (507)
Beauchamp of Trevince and Pengreep (508)
Beauchamp (later Beauchamp-Proctor and Proctor-Beachamp) of Langley Park, baronets (509)
Beauclerk of Bestwood Lodge, Dukes of St. Albans (510)
Beauclerk of Little Grimsby Hall (511)
Beauclerk of St. Leonard's Lodge and Ardglass Castle (512)
Beauclerk of Winchfield House (513)
Beauman of Hyde Park (514)
Beaumont of Barrow Hall (515)
Beaumont of Bretton Hall and Bywell Hall, Viscounts Allendale (519)
Beaumont of Buckland Court (516)
Beaumont of Coleorton Hall, baronets and Viscounts Beaumont of Swords (517)
Beaumont of Darton Hall and Chapelthorpe Hall (519)
Beaumont of Dunmow (516)
Beaumont of Grace Dieu Priory (515)
Beaumont of Stoughton Grange, baronets (517)
Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont (518)
Becher of Aughadown House and Hollybrook House (520)
Becher of Creagh (522)
Becher of Howbury Hall (521)
Beckett of Kirkdale, baronets (523)
Beckett of Somerby Park and Yorkshire, baronets and Barons Grimthorpe (523)
Beckford of Fonthill, Basing Park and Stepleton House (524)
Beckingham of Beckingham Hall, Tolleshunt Major (525)
Beckingham of Bourne Park (250)
Beckwith of Aldburgh Hall (526)
Beckwith of Millichope Park (526)
Beckwith of Thurcroft Hall, Trimdon House, Herrington Hall and Silksworth House (526)
Bedell of Hamerton Manor House (527)
Bedingfeld of Oxburgh Hall, baronets (529)
Bedingfield of Flemings Hall and Ditchingham Hall (528)
Beech of The Shawe and Brandon Hall (530)
Beevor of Hethel Hall and Hargham Hall, baronets (531)
Behrens of Swinton Grange (532)
Beit of Russborough House, baronets (533)
Belasyse of Morton House and Brancepeth Castle (534)
Belasyse alias Bellasis of Newburgh Priory, Viscounts and Earls Fauconberg (534)
Belasyse, Barons Belasyse of Worlaby (534)
Bell of Beaupre Hall (535)
Bell of Bourne Park (536)
Bell of Cleeve House, Seend (537)
Bell of Portington Hall (542)
Bell of Rounton Grange, baronets (538)
Bell of Rushpool Hall (538)
Bell of Thirsk Hall (539)
Bell of Wallington Hall (535)
Bell of Woolsington Hall (540)
Bellew of Barmeath Castle, baronets and Barons Bellew (543)
Bellew of Mount Bellew, baronets (544)
Bellew of Stockleigh Court and Oakhampton Manor (545)
Bellingham of Castle Bellingham, baronets (546)
Bellingham of Levens Hall, baronets (546)
Bellot of Bochym Manor, baronets (547)
Bellot of Great Moreton Hall, baronets (547)
Bellville of Fermyn Woods Hall (548)
Bellville of Papillon Hall (548)
Bellville of Tedstone Court (548)
Bellyse Baker of Highfields (333)
Belshes of Invermay House and Balmanno Castle (549)
Belt of Bossall Hall (550)
Bence of Thorington Hall and Kentwell Hall (551)
Bendish of Bower Hall (552)
Bendyshe of Barrington Hall and Broomford Manor (553)
Benett of Norton Bavant and Pythouse (554)
Bengough of The Ridge (555)
Bennet of Babraham Hall (556)
Bennet of Beachampton Hall and Calverton Manor (556)
Bennet of Dawley House, Chillingham Castle and Walton Hall, Barons Ossulston and Earls of Tankerville (557)
Bennet of Marlefield House (558)
Bennet of Rougham Hall (559)
Bennet of Tresillian House (560)
Bennet of Widcombe Manor (559)
Bennett of Faringdon House (561)
Bennett of North Cadbury Court (562)
Bennett of Pythouse (554)
Bennett of Sparkford Hall (562)
Bennett of Thomastown Park (563)
Bennett of Thorpe Place (564)
Benson of Lutwyche Hall (565)
Bentall of Halstead and Totnes (566)
Benthall of Benthall Hall (566)
Bentinck of Indio House (567)
Bentinck (later Cavendish-Bentinck), Earls and Dukes of Portland (568)
Benyon of Gidea Hall and Englefield House (569)
Berens of Kevington Hall (570)
Beresford of Abbeville, Termon House and Woodhouse (571)
Beresford of Bolam Hall and Sefton Park, Barons Decies (572)
Boldero of Aspenden Hall (393)
Boldero (and Barnard) of Cave Castle (393)
Bragge of Cleve Hill (453)
Broughton-Adderley of Coton Hall, Barlaston Hall and Tunstall Hall (43)
Brown (and Harvie-Brown) of Quarter House (133)
Burnaby-Atkins of Halstead Place (233)
Bury of Millichope Park (526)

Cable-Alexander, baronets (84)
Campbell-Bannerman of Hunton Court and Belmont Castle (364)
Carmichael-Anstruther of Carmichael House, baronets (151)
Carnegy and Carnegy-Arbuthnott of Balnamoon (161)
Cavendish-Bentinck, Earls and Dukes of Portland (568)
Cecil of Didlington Hall, Barons Amherst of Hackney (122)
Chisholm-Batten of Thornfalcon (458)
Cooper of Rockbourne (207)
Cracroft (and Cracroft-Amcotts and Cracroft-Eley) of Kettlethorpe Hall and Hackthorn Hall (119)
Creagh-Barry of Dundullerick (419)
Crompton of Rivington Hall (140)

Dalberg-Acton (Lyon-Dalberg-Acton), Barons Acton (21)
Daniel (and Daniel-Tyssen) of Westbrook House and Didlington Hall (122)
Darling of Crevenagh (251)
Davie of Watermouth Castle (434)
De Arden see Arden of Park Hall and Longcroft Hall
De Yarburgh-Bateson, Barons Deramore (448)
Denison (and Beckett-Denison) of Yorkshire (523)
Duff (Grant-Duff) of Delgatie Castle (62)

Ellis (Agar-Ellis) of Gowran Castle, Barons Mendip, Barons Dover and Viscounts Clifden (52)

Fleming of Sibdon Castle (464)
Fletcher (and Aubrey-Fletcher) of Chilton and Dorton, baronets (249)
Fletcher of Rivington Hall (140)
Forbes Adam of Escrick, baronets (28)
Fortescue-Aland of Nymph Hall and Knolls Hill, Barons Fortescue of Credan (69)
Franklyn of Longcroft Hall (170)
Freeman-Atwood of Halesowen and Sion Hill House (245)
Fuller-Palmer-Acland of Fairfield (16)

Godwin-Austen of Shalford House (255)
Goold-Adams of Kilbree House and Jamesbrook (36)
Grant-Duff of Delgatie Castle (62)
Grattan-Bellew of Mount Bellew, baronets (544)
Grove of Four Ashes Hall (124)
Grove Annesley of Annes Grove (148)

Hamilton (and Baillie-Hamilton) of Mellerstain, Barons Haddington (323)
Hamilton-Ash of Ashbrook House (198)
Harold-Barry of Ballyvonare and Ballyellis (420)
Harvie-Brown of Quarter House (133)
Hastings (and Abney-Hastings) of Willesley Hall (9)
Havelock (and Havelock-Allan) of Ingress Park and Blackwell Grange, baronets (89)
Heathcoat-Amory of Knightshayes, baronets (123)
Heaton-Armstrong of Farney Castle and Mount Heaton (182)
Hervey-Bathurst of Clarendon Park, Lainston House and Somborne Park, baronets (454)
Hervey-Bathurst of Eastnor Castle (454)
Hethersett of Shropham (473)
Hicks of Beverston Castle and Ruckholts, baronets (501)
Hicks of Campden Manor, Viscounts Campden (501)
Hicks (later Hicks-Beach) of Witcombe Park, baronets (501)
Hicks-Beach of Williamstrip Park, Earls St. Aldwyn (501)
Horsley-Beresford of Bolam Hall, Barons Decies (572)
Howard of Ashtead Park (312)
Hunter (and Hunter-Arundell) of Barjarg Tower (196)

Ingilby-Amcotts of Ingilby Hall and Kettlethorpe Hall (119)

Jeffereys (Allen-Jeffereys) of Lyngford House and Stocklinch Manor (101)
Jones-Balme of Cote Wall and High Close (354)
Jones-Bateman of Pentre Mawr (446)


Ladeveze-Adlercron of Moyglare (49)
Lee (and Lee-Antonie) of Colworth House and Totteridge Park (152)
Leigh-Bennet of Thorpe Place (564)
Lloyd-Baker of Stouts Hill and Hardwicke Court (339)
Lynch-Athy of Renville (229)
Lyon-Dalberg-Acton of Aldenham, Barons Acton (21)

Maddock of Naseby Hall (203)
Magnus-Allcroft of Stokesay Court (93)
Martin-Atkins of Kingston Lisle (232)
Maturin-Baird of Boom Hall and Langham Hall (330)
Meath Baker of Fenton House and Hasfield Court (340)
Mockler (and Mockler-Barrett) of Milton Manor House (407)
Morrison-Bell of Highgreen Manor and Otterburn Hall, baronets (541)
Murray-Anderdon of Henlade House (126)

Newton family of Benekerry and Dunleckney Manor (309)


Palmer-Acland of Fairfield (16)
Paston-Bedingfeld of Oxburgh Hall, baronets (529)
Prideaux of Elderslie Lodge (159)
Proctor-Beauchamp of Langley Park (509)
Pye of Louth (88)


Raymond-Barker of Fairford Park (381)
Roberts (Alston-Roberts-West) of Elmdon Hall (116)
Robertson-Aikman of Ross House (60)

Smith-Barry of Marbury Hall, Belmont Hall, Fota House and Ballyedmond (421)
Starkie-Bence of Kentwell Hall (551)
Starky of Spye Park (469)
Stopford-Adams of Ansty Hall (29)

Talbot of Aston-by-Sutton (221)
Thompson of Four Ashes Hall (124)
Throckmorton of Clearwell Court, baronets (467)
Toler-Aylward of Shankill Castle (262)
Trollope-Bellew of Oakhampton Manor (545)
Tyssen-Amherst of Didlington Hall and Foulden Hall, Barons Amherst of Hackney (122)

Uthwatt (and Andrewes-Uthwatt) of Great Linford (139)


Warde (and Warde-Aldam) of Hooton Pagnell and Frickley Hall (72)
Warde-Norbury of Hooton Pagnell Hall (72)
Watson (and Watson-Armstrong) of Adderstone Hall, Cragside and Bamburgh, Barons Armstrong (181)
West (Alston-Roberts-West) of Elmdon Hall (116)
Wheatley-Balme of Cote Wall and High Close (354)
Wilberforce-Bell of Portington Hall (542)
Wilbraham (Baker-) of Rode Hall, baronets (335)
Woollcombe-Adams of Ansty Hall (29)
Wright-Armstrong of Dean's Hill and Killylea (183)
Wrixon (later Wrixon-Becher) of Ballygiblin, Creagh, Assolas and Castle Hyde, baronets (522)



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