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(244) Atthill of Brandiston Hall

Atthill of Brandiston
Burke's Landed Gentry traces the descent of this family from one Richard Atthill, who is claimed to have been a captain in the Royalist army during the Civil War, and whose marriage to a Miss Petersen of Aylsham (Norfk) is said to have brought the Brandiston Hall estate to his descendants around 1700. This seems to be a fictitious history, designed to extend the gentility of the family back to the Civil War, and historical records tell a rather different story, beginning with the birth of Anthony Atthill at Cawston in 1652, to Anthony and Margaret Atthill. At this time, the family seem to have been yeomen farmers at Cawston. Anthony Atthill (1652-1711) married and produced a son, Anthony Atthill (1686-1760). The younger Anthony married Mary Rodham of Whitwell (Norfk), and their ten children were all baptised at Cawston, but Anthony did later move to Brandiston. The parish registers suggest, but do not prove, that the Landed Gentry is right to assert that Anthony had a brother, John, who inherited some of the family's property at Cawston, but one of Anthony's sons was a farmer there too, so the Cawston property was probably divided between the brothers. Anthony Atthill (1686-1760) had five sons, of whom four survived to adulthood. The eldest, Anthony Atthill (1714-58), was a merchant in Norwich; Lombe Atthill (1717-73) was the farmer at Cawston; John Atthill (b. 1722) joined the Navy and died at sea; and the youngest, Rev. William Atthill (1725-90) went to Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge and became a clergyman. 

Anthony Atthill (1686-1760) having outlived his eldest son, his property passed at his death to his grandson, Anthony John Atthill (1750-78), who was apprenticed to a mercer and draper - probably his father's trade - but on coming of age settled down to farm at Brandiston. He died young, leaving an only son who was just four years of age, but who grew up to become the Rev. William Atthill (1774-1847). William was obviously a bright lad. He was sent to Cambridge, where he won a scholarship and emerged second wrangler in the final examinations, and was then ordained. He was briefly a Fellow of Caius, but in 1798 went to Ireland as chaplain to Dr. John Porter, the Bishop of Clogher, whose wife was a first cousin once removed of young William. Bishop Porter appointed him to a comfortable living in his diocese as vicar and prebendary of Donacavey in co. Tyrone, and William settled there for the rest of his life, living at Ardess House, Kesh.
Ardess House, Kesh: the home of Rev. William Atthill (1774-1847)
Although William owed his living to family patronage he seems to have been an industrious and effective clergyman and in the 1840s he produced two works on the catechism which were frequently reprinted. In 1805 William married a daughter of the Dean of Leighlin, and they went on to have eight sons and three daughters, all but one of whom lived to maturity, and in whom the industry and intellectual ability of the father can be clearly discerned. Two of the sons became clergymen; two were surgeons; two were lawyers and one became a land agent; the highest achievers were John Grey Porter Atthill (1812-87), who spent much of his life in St. Lucia, where he was Chief Justice until his retirement in about 1869, and Dr. Lombe Atthill, who as Master of the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin pioneered a variety of gynaecological techniques that saved many lives. William's heir, however, was his eldest son, the Rev. William Atthill (1807-84), who was educated at Trinity College, Dublin and ordained in Ireland, but around 1835 moved back to Norfolk as a curate. From 1839-51 he was attached to the collegiate church at Middleham (Yorks NR), but after inheriting the family's Brandiston estate in 1847 he looked for a parish in Norfolk, and in 1851 was appointed to Horsham St Faith and Horsford, which he served until 1863. He seems then to have retired from the ministry, although he took on local curacies at times in the 1870s and 1880s. The house at Brandiston was remodelled in 1875, presumably for the use of William's daughter, Jane Catherine, and her husband, John Osborn Daintree, who were resident there in 1879, although William himself seems to have been occupying the house in his last years.

The Rev. William Atthill (1807-84) had two sons, both soldiers, who died young; he was therefore succeeded by his grandson, William Atthill (1860-1938), who as a young man went to Ireland to assist his great-uncle with the management of estates in co. Fermanagh. He inherited Brandiston at the age of 24 and seems quickly to have decided that in late 19th century conditions the modest family estate would not support him.  After his grandmother died in 1886, he let the estate as a 'health resort for young ladies' for a few years, but in about 1890 he sold it to Arthur Pedder, and was admitted to Downing College, Cambridge. After taking his degree in 1896 he became a schoolmaster in suburban London, where he raised a family of two sons and four daughters. His elder son followed him into teaching, but his career was blighted by a conviction for embezzlement in the 1920s; the younger became a Roman Catholic priest, no doubt causing his staunchly Protestant Anglo-Irish forbears to spin in their graves. His eldest daughter was an early example of an independent professional woman, becoming a midwife and district nurse; she never married, perhaps being one of the 'surplus women' whose potential husbands were slaughtered in Flanders.

Brandiston Hall, Norfolk

A gabled, red brick, double-pile house consisting of two parallel ranges running east-west, with a wing projecting at the north-west angle. The house is dated 1647 by tie-irons on the east gable of the rear range but is probably largely of about 1600. What may date from the mid 17th century are the shaped gables of the south front, although in their present form they were rebuilt in the 19th century. 

Brandiston Hall: entrance front in 1969. Image: N.A. Hallett.

The house was indeed extensively remodelled and enlarged in 1875 for the Rev. William Atthill, and it is likely that most of the details of the south front - the crenellated parapets on the projecting bays and porch, the pinnacles between the gables, and the Gothic window glazing, date from this period, as do the shaped gables and rusticated quoins of the rear wing. Before 1860 a series of eight late 15th century Norwich school stained glass roundels of the Labours of the Months were imported into the house, but these were sold in the 1980s when the house was sold and have since been split up: four of them are in the Castle Museum in Norwich, two at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and two in a private collection.

Descent: Anthony Atthill (1686-1760); to grandson, Anthony John Atthill (1750-78); to son, Rev. William Atthill (1774-1847); to son, Rev. William Atthill (1807-84); to grandson, William Atthill (1860-1938), who sold c.1889-90 to Arthur Edward Pedder (b. 1841); leased after 1905 to Rev. Charles Kent and Capt. Champion; sold c.1910 to Rev. John Riley Mee (1848-1921); to son, Capt. John Theodore Martin Mee (d. 1950); sold to Ben and Lynette Rust; sold c.1958...

Atthill family of Brandiston Hall

Atthill, Anthony (1652-1711). Son of Anthony Atthill of Cawston (Norfk) and his wife Margaret, baptised at Cawston, 1652. Yeoman farmer at Cawston. He married Mary [surname unknown] and had issue including:
(1) Ann Atthill (1684-1710), baptised at Cawston, 12 June 1684; died unmarried and was buried at Cawston, 5 October 1710;
(2) Anthony Lombe Atthill (1686-1760) (q.v.);
(3) John Atthill; married 22 April 1707 at Cawston, Elizabeth Westmore, ancestor of the Atthills of Cawston;
(4) Margaret Atthill (b. 1689), baptised at Cawston, 13 June 1689.
He lived at Cawston.
He was buried at Cawston, 2 September 1711. 

Atthill, Anthony (1686-1760). Elder son of Anthony Atthill (1652-1711) and his wife Mary, baptised at Cawston, 12 December 1686. He married, 7 October 1712 at Salle (Norfolk), Mary (1689-1767), daughter of John Rodham of Whitwell (Norfk), and had issue:
(1) Edward Atthill (1713-14), baptised at Cawston, 24 August 1713; died in infancy, 1714;
(2) Anthony Atthill (1714-58) (q.v.);
(3) Jane Atthill (b. & d. 1716), baptised at Cawston, 19 November 1716; died in infancy and was buried at Cawston, 23 November 1716;
(4) Lombe Atthill (1717-73), baptised at Cawston, 19 November 1717; farmer at Cawston; married Elizabeth Johnson and had issue four sons and three daughters; buried at Cawston, 3 May 1773; administration of goods granted, 1773;
(5) Mary Atthill (b. 1720), baptised at Cawston, 30 March 1720; married, 27 September 1741 at Brandiston, James Petersen of Great Witchingham (Norfk); 
(6) John Atthill (b. 1722), baptised at Cawston, 24 June 1722; served in Royal Navy; died unmarried at sea;
(7) Rev. Edward Atthill (1725-90), baptised at Cawston, 25 April 1725; educated at Norwich and Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge (admitted 1743; BA 1746/7; MA 1750); ordained deacon, 1747 and priest, 1749; Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge, 1750-66; vicar of Corpusty (Norfk), 1760-90 and rector of Sparham & Foxley (Norfk), 1763-90; died unmarried, 5 October 1790 and was buried at Sparham, where he is commemorated by a monument; will proved at Norwich, 1790;
(8) Anna Atthill (1727-34), baptised at Cawston, 7 March 1726/7; died young and was buried at Cawston, 20 April 1734;
(9) Elizabeth Atthill (1730-42?), baptised at Cawston, 8 November 1730; perhaps died young and was buried at St Stephen, Norwich, 8 January 1741/2;
(10) Margaret Atthill (1733-1804), baptised at Cawston, 10 May 1733; married, 25 April 1756 at Lamas with Little Hautbois (Norfk), Joseph Smith (d. 1761) of Coltishall (Norfk) and had issue one son (Joseph (d. 1822), who became confidential secretary to William Pitt and the owner of Shortgrove Hall (Essex)) and three daughters (including Mary (1760-1830) who married Rt. Rev. John Porter (1750-1819), bishop of Clogher); after her husband died she is said to have moved to Cambridge to keep house for her brother-in-law, Professor John Smith (1711-95), who was Master of Gonville & Caius College; died 8 January and was buried at St Michael, Cambridge, 13 January 1804, where she is commemorated on a ledger stone.
He lived at Cawston and later at Brandiston, which he may have inherited through his or his father's marriage.
He died 1 February 1760 and was buried at Brandiston, where he is commemorated by a ledger stone; his will was proved at Norwich, 1760. His widow was buried at Brandiston, 17 March 1767.

Atthill, Anthony (1714-58). Second son of Anthony Atthill (1685-1760) and his wife Mary Rodham, baptised at Cawston, 5 September 1714. He married, 3 December 1739 at St Mary in the Marsh, Norwich, Mary (c.1719-67), daughter of Charles Wetherall, and had issue:
(1) Anthony Atthill (b. & d. 1741), baptised at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, 11 February 1740/1; died in infancy and was buried at St Saviour, Norwich, 28 February 1740/1;
(2) Mary Atthill (b. 1743), born 25 October and baptised at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, 30 October 1743; married [forename unknown] Bond of Middlesex.
(3) Anthony William Atthill (b. & d. 1745), baptised at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, 23 April 1745; died in infancy and was buried at St Saviour, Norwich, 21 May 1745;
(4) Anthony John Atthill (1750-78) (q.v.);
(5) Dr. William Atthill (b. 1752), born 18 November and baptised at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, 20 November 1752; perhaps educated on the continent; doctor of medicine; lived at 'Spottisham Hall' [unidentified] (Norfk); died unmarried;
(6) Jermy Atthill (b. 1754), baptised at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, 13 September 1754; perhaps the person of this name who was apprenticed to William Cockerham of Hingham (Norfk), mercer, 1771; moved to London after completing his articles and was a prisoner in Kings Bench prison, 1778; said to have later been an officer in the East India Company's service; died unmarried, abroad.
He died in the lifetime of his father, 3 November 1758. and was buried at Brandiston, 6 November 1758, where he and his wife are commemorated by a ledger stone. His widow died 13 March 1767.

Atthill, Anthony John (1750-78). Eldest surviving son of Anthony Atthill (1714-58) and his wife Mary, daughter of Charles Wetherall, born 24 October and baptised at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, 25 October 1750. Apprenticed to John Smith of Yarmouth, mercer and draper, 1765. Farmer at Brandiston. He married, 14 November 1771 at Brandiston, Sarah Howlett, and had issue:
(1) Martha Atthill (1772-1867), baptised at Brandiston, 4 February 1772; died unmarried aged 95 and was buried at Brandiston, 15 October 1867.
(2) Rev. William Atthill (1774-1847) (q.v.).
He inherited Brandiston Hall from his grandfather in 1760.
He died in 1778; his will was proved at Norwich, 14 February 1778. His widow married 2nd, 25 October 1779 at Brandiston, William Riches of Cawston (Norfk) and had further issue; her date of death has not been traced.

Atthill, Rev. William (1774-1847). Only son of Anthony John Atthill (1750-80) and his wife Sarah Howlett of Marcham, baptised at Brandiston, 17 April 1774. Educated at Kirkheaton (Yorks) and Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge (admitted, 1790; scholar, 1791-97; BA 1795 (second wrangler); MA 1798). Ordained deacon, 1797 and priest, 1798. Fellow of Gonville & Caius College, 1797-1800. Curate of Fen Ditton (Cambs), 1797-98; chaplain to Dr. Porter, Bishop of Clogher, 1798-1804; Rector and Prebendary of Donacavey alias Fintona (Tyrone) in the diocese of Clogher, 1798-1847; vicar of Magheraculmony (Fermanagh), 1818-47. Author of The way of catechising, 1840 and The Church Catechism with scriptural references, 1841. He married, 1 April 1805, Henrietta Margaret Eyre (c.1786-1864), eldest daughter of Very Rev. George Maunsell DD, Dean of Leighlin, and had issue:
(1) Rev. William (Lombe) Atthill (1807-84) (q.v.);
(2) Robert Atthill (1810-39)*, born 9 February 1810; educated at Trinity College, Dublin (admitted 1826; BA 1831); Licentiate of Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, 1831; JP for Tyrone, 1832; staff asst surgeon to the forces, 1837-39; died, probably unmarried, in Jamaica, 16 May 1839; 
(3) Rev. Richard Atthill (1811-70), born 11 August 1811; educated at Trinity College, Dublin (admitted 1827; BA 1832); ordained deacon by 1838; curate of Newmarket, Upper Canada, 1838 and Cloonclare alias Manorhamilton (Leitrim), c.1840-41; ordained priest, 1841; chaplain to Earl of Bantry, 1841; curate of Oldham (Lancs), 1842-44, reader and curate of Holy Trinity, Hull (Yorks ER), 1844-51; canon of Middleham collegiate church, 1851-57; vicar of Somerton (Somerset), 1857-66 and rector of Clenchwarton (Norfk), 1866-70; bankrupted, 1868, owing £6,632 (discharged, 1868); married, 3 December 1844 at Eccles (Lancs), Martha (c.1821-1910), eldest daughter and co-heir of Robert Cookson of Ellery (Westmld), and had issue six children; was accused, but found innocent, of fathering an illegitimate child, 1848, and was the victim of attempted murder by a lunatic, 1850; died at Wichenford (Worcs), 21 October 1870;
(4) John Grey Porter Atthill (1812-87), born 31 December 1812; educated at Trinity College, Dublin (admitted 1829; BA 1835) and Kings Inn, Dublin (admitted 1832; called to Irish bar 1836); barrister-at-law on the Munster circuit, 1836-44; Attorney General of St Lucia, 1844-50 (suspended for five months on accusations of libel, 1847); Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of St. Lucia, 1850-59; Chief Justice of St. Lucia, 1859-c.1869; married, 15 September 1840 at Dingle, Veronica Montgomery, daughter of John H. Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy (Limerick), and had issue one son and four daughters (the eldest of whom, Veronica, married Capt. William Russworm); died at Lancing (Sussex), 3 September and was buried at Brandiston, 6 September 1887; administration of goods granted to his daughter, 28 April 1891 (effects £85);
(5) Henrietta Elizabeth Atthill (c.1816-84); married, 19 December 1838 at Magheraculmony (Fermanagh), Rev. Richard Stainforth MA (1804-85), vicar of Pontefract (Yorks WR), 1833-65 and rector of Wheldrake (Yorks), 1865-73, and had issue one son and five daughters; died at Torquay, Oct-Dec 1884;
(6) Edward Eyre Atthill (1818-93) of Ardvarney House (Fermanagh); agent to Clonelly estate (Fermanagh); JP for Fermanagh and Tyrone; member of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 1878-93; married, 1847, Jane (1822-1903), eldest daughter of Lowther Brien of Ardvarney (Fermanagh), and had issue two sons and six daughters; died at Ardvarney, 24 November 1893; administration of his goods granted 30 March 1894 (effects £100);
(7) Emily Atthill (c.1821-89), born about 1821; married, 8 February 1843 at Middleham, Joseph Jones JP DL (d. 1880) of Oldham (Lancs) and later of Abberley Hall (Worcs), and had issue one son (who died young); died Jan-Mar 1889;
(8) Jemima Grace Atthill (1823-94), born 11 January 1823; married, 13 June 1842 at Templemahera, Rev. Howard Boyle St. George (1812-96), eldest son of Rev. Richard Q. St. George, and had issue; emigrated to America with her husband c.1876; died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA), 26 January 1894 and was buried in Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee;
(9) Henry Maunsell Atthill (1825-79), born 16 February 1825; educated at Maidstone Grammar School (Kent), Trinity College, Dublin (admitted 1841) and Kings Inns, Dublin (admitted 1842); assistant to Crown Solicitor on North-West Circuit in Ireland, c.1847-53; Superintendent and Deputy Chief Constable of Norfolk Police, 1853-c.1875; married, 2 August 1860 at Coltishall (Norfk), Elizabeth (c.1837-72), daughter of John Fuller of Coltishall, baker, and had issue one son and one daughter; died on Guernsey, 15 March 1879;
(10) Dr. Lombe Atthill (1827-1910), born 3 December 1827; educated at Enniskillen and Trinity College, Dublin (admitted 1844; BA 1849; MB 1849; MD 1865); apprenticed to Maurice Colles, surgeon, 1844; licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, 1847; obstetrician and gynaecologist at the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, 1851-96 (Master, 1875-96); retired from practice, 1898; Fellow of Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 1860-1910 (President, 1888); President of the Dublin Obstetrical Society, 1874-76; President of Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, 1900-03; married 1st, 2 April 1850 at St Peter, Dublin, Elizabeth (d. 1870), fourth daughter of James Dudgeon of Dublin and had issue one son and nine daughters; married 2nd, 1872, Mary, daughter of Robert Christie of Manchester, and widow of John Duffey of Dublin, but had no further issue; died suddenly 'while counting his change on the platform of Strood railway station in Kent', 14 September 1910, and was buried at Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin, 17 September 1910; his Recollections of an Irish doctor were published posthumously, 1911; will proved in Ireland, 29 December 1910 and sealed in England and Scotland (estate £61,458);
(11) Frederick Emmanuel Atthill (b. 1830), baptised at Ardess (Fermanagh), 20 April 1830; probably died young.
He inherited Brandiston Hall from his father in 1780 and came of age in 1794, but moved to Ireland in 1798 to become chaplain to the Bishop of Clogher and made his home at Ardess (Fermanagh).
He died at the house of his son Richard in Hull, 7 March and was buried at Brandiston, 11 March 1847; his will was proved in the PCC, 8 June 1847. His widow died in Dublin, 18 October, and was buried at Brandiston, 24 October 1864.
* He needs to be carefully distinguished from Robert Atthill (1793-1870) of Ipswich, surgeon, who married Susan Chapman in 1834.

Atthill, Rev. William (Lombe) (1807-84). Eldest son of Rev. William Atthill (1774-1847) and his wife Henrietta Eyre, daughter of Very Rev. George Maunsell DD, Dean of Leighlin, born at Fintona (Tyrone), 11 July 1807. Educated at Wakefield, Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge (admitted 1825 as 'William Thomas') and Trinity College, Dublin (migrated 1826; BA 1830; MA 1856). Ordained deacon, 1830 and priest, 1832. He held curacies at Magheraculmoney (Fermanagh), 1834-35, and at various parishes in Norfolk, 1835-39; Sub-Dean and Canon of the Collegiate Church of Middleham (Yorks), 1839-51; Rector of Horsham St Faith and Horsford (Norfk), 1851-63; curate of Saxthorpe and Corpusty (Norfk), 1872-77; curate of Wicklewood (Norfk), 1877-78; curate of Knapton (Norfk), 1881-84. Author of History and Antiquities of the Collegiate Church of Middleham, 1847, and of articles in Burke's Historic Lands of England, 1849He married 1st, 14 December 1835 at Hackford (Norfk), Sarah Bircham (1796-1837), daughter of Guy Lloyd of Croghan House (Roscommon) and Hackford Vale; 2nd, 12 March 1840 at Middleham, Catherine Elizabeth (1809-44), daughter of Christopher Topham of Middleham Hall; 3rd, 8 June 1847 at Walmer (Kent), Caroline Amelia (1799-1848), only daughter of Capt. John Halsted RN; and 4th, 5 July 1849 at Elsing Grove (Hants), Dorothea (c.1798-1886), daughter of Robert Radclyffe of Foxdenton Hall (Lancs), and had issue:
(1.1) William Atthill (1836-73) (q.v.);
(2.1) Capt. Robert Christopher Topham Atthill (1841-67), born 13 September and baptised at Thornton Watlass (Yorks), 10 October 1841; an officer in the army (Ensign, 1858; Lt., 1861; Capt., 1866; retired, 1867); drowned in his yacht when he collided with the SS Princess Royal while sailing up the River Clyde without lights, 10 September 1867; his body was never recovered; administration of his goods granted to his father, 17 February 1868 (effects under £100);
(2.2) Jane Catherine Atthill (1844-1919), born 1844; married, 7 August 1872 at Polstead (Suffk), John Osborn Daintree of Lolworth Grange (Cambs) and occupied Brandiston Hall for a time after it was remodelled in 1875; died 3 July 1919; will proved 1 November 1919 (estate £47).
He inherited Brandiston Hall from his father in 1847 and remodelled it in 1875.
He died 11 December and was buried at Brandiston, 15 December 1884; his will was proved 5 March 1885 (effects £4,588). His first wife was buried 27 February 1837; administration of her goods was granted to her husband, 1839. His second wife died at Middleham, 19 October 1844. His third wife died 2 July 1848 and was buried at Middleham. His widow died at Brandiston Hall, 13 May and was buried at Brandiston, 18 May 1886.

Atthill, Capt. William (1836-73). Only son of Rev. William Atthill (1806-84) and his first wife Sarah Bircham, daughter of Guy Lloyd of Croghan House (Roscommon), baptised at Brandiston, 2 December 1836. Educated at Bromsgrove Grammar School. He was an officer in the 89th Foot (Ensign, 1857; Lt., 1860; retired 1864) and adjutant of 31st Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers (Capt., 1865). He married, October 1858 at Queenstown (Dublin), Sarah Anne (c.1840-1922), daughter of Joseph Wheeler of Rushbrooke (Co. Cork) and had issue:
(1) William Atthill (1860-1938) (q.v.);
(2) Lillian Kate Atthill (1864-1950), born 26 October 1864; as a young woman she was a performer in amateur dramatics and keen tennis player; married, 13 October 1891 at Rushbrooke (Cork), Edward Henry Meaden MD (1864-1943), surgeon in Royal Navy, son of Martin Meaden, gent., and had issue one daughter; died 29 July 1950; will proved 9 October 1950 (estate £5,690);
(3) Florence Atthill (1866-1959), born at Blythswood (Lanarks), 26 April 1866; married, 24 March 1890 at St Marylebone (Middx), Lt-Col. Henry Waring (1863-1940), of Lisnacree House (Down), only son of Capt. Thomas Holt Waring of Nenagh (Tipperary), and had issue one daughter; died aged 93 at Lisnacree, 24 June 1959; will proved 14 January 1960 (estate in Northern Ireland, £3,200);
(4) Dora Atthill (1867-69), born at Anderston (Lanarks), 16 July 1867; died in infancy, 20 May 1869;
(5) Howard Atthill (b. & d. 1868), born at Govan, Glasgow (Lanarks), 2 November 1868; died in infancy, 5 December 1868;
(6) Amy Frances St. George Atthill (1870-1956), born at Govan, Glasgow (Lanarks), 27 July 1870; lived with her younger sister and her husband; died unmarried, 28 February 1956; will proved 18 April 1956 (estate £3,699);
(7) Kathleen Lloyd Atthill (1872-1962), born at Queenstown (Dublin), 3/4 March 1872; married, 18 April 1901 in Dublin and again, 14 October 1901 at Rushbrooke (Cork), Arthur Hugh Colquhoun (1877-1944), son of David Colquhoun QC, judge, and had issue; died aged 90 at The Firs, Munstead (Surrey), 26 March 1962; will proved 25 June 1962 (estate £30,131).
He died at Glasgow in the lifetime of his father, 30 March 1873, and was buried at Brandiston, 3 April 1873. His widow was buried at Greenwich, 2 October 1922.

Atthill, William (1860-1938). Only son of William Atthill (1837-73) and his wife Sarah, daughter of Joseph Wheeler of Rushbrook (Co. Cork), born in the East Indies, 3 October 1860. In the 1880s he assisted his great-uncle Edward in the management of the Clonelly estate (Fermanagh). Educated at Downing College, Cambridge (admitted 1890; BA 1896). Schoolmaster and proprietor of St. Peter's School, Glenton Rd., Lee, Kent in 1911. He married, 14 December 1884 at Brandiston, his second cousin, Veronica (1862-1955), elder daughter of Capt. W.J. Russworm of 3rd West India Regiment, and had issue:
(1) Guy Du Sautoy (aka George) Atthill (1885-1947), born prematurely, 8 September and was baptised at Brandeston, 11 October 1885; assistant schoolmaster at Dorchester Secondary School (Dorset) by 1911; served in First World War as an officer in 9th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment (Lt., 1911; Capt., 1913; Maj.; wounded; retired on ill-health grounds); Superintendent of the Purbrook Industrial School, 1923-24, when he was convicted of embezzlement from school funds and sent to prison for nine months; bankrupted, 1925; married, Jul-Sept 1907, Mary Turner, and had issue one son and one daughter; died 28 October 1947; will proved 28 November 1947 (estate £824);
(2) Very Rev. Canon John Alexander Atthill (1887-1963), born 1 January 1887; educated at Emmanuel School, London; schoolmaster at St Michael's School, Hitchin (Herts); ordained as a RC priest, 1911; taught at Winooski, Vermont (USA) until 1917, when he returned to England to serve as a Chaplain to the Forces in East Africa; Headmaster of St Michael's School, 1918-25; attached to RC cathedral at Nottingham, 1925; curate at Derby, 1926; rector of Melbourne (Derbys) and later of Oldcotes near Worksop (Notts), 1927-63; dean of Worksop; died 5 June 1963; will proved 4 September 1963 (estate £1,145);
(3) Rosamond Eyre Atthill (b. 1888), born 16 April and baptised at Brandiston, 5 May 1888; district nurse and midwife at Bramcote and later Chilwell (Notts), 1911-after 1935; may have retired to Scilly Isles;
(4) Vera Herbert Atthill (b. & d. 1891), born January 1891; died in infancy and was buried at Brandiston, 25 May 1891;
(5) Cicely Lloyd Atthill (1895-1968), born Apr-June 1895; educated at Ballymakeely, Celbridge (Kildare); married [forename unknown] Pearson; died 14 January 1968; will proved 12 February 1968 (estate £897);
(6) Phyllis Blennerhassett Atthill (1898-1985), born 23 December 1898 and baptised at Tooting Graveney (London), 26 February 1899; married [forename unknown] Manning; died 22 April 1985 and was buried at Ipswich Cemetery; will proved 16 May 1985 (estate under £40,000).
He inherited Brandiston Hall from his grandfather in 1884, but sold it c.1890.
He died suddenly, 27 March 1938. His widow died aged 93 in 1955 and was buried in Ipswich Cemetery.


Burke's Landed Gentry, 1850, i, p. 37; Burke's Landed Gentry, 1925, p. 48; Sir N. Pevsner & B. Wilson, The buildings of England: Norfolk - Norwich and North-East, 2nd edn., 1997, p. 412; J.B. Leslie et al., Clergy of Clogher, 2006, pp. 76, 281.

Location of archives

No significant accumulation is known to survive.

Coat of arms

Argent, on a chevron gules, three crescents or.

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  • Can anyone provide more information about the 17th century origins of this family, and in particular about how they acquired the Brandiston estate, if not (as implied by Burke's Landed Gentry) through intermarriage with the Petersen family? For whom was the 17th century Brandiston Hall built?
  • Can anyone provide information about the ownership of Brandiston Hall since the mid 20th century?
  • Does anyone have portraits or photographs of members of this family whose names appear in bold in the account above?

Revision and acknowledgements

This post was first published 19 December 2016 and updated 17 January 2017 and 18 February 2023. I am most grateful to Julie Bourke and Brian Young for additional information and corrections.


  1. Hello was just looking for my great granddads book on the 1902 war and found this article. My uncle Lombe Atthill died at 105 and my mother Joan Atthill at 97. A relative from St Lucia did put up a family tree on the internet for a while in which I helped as our line was not on it. My grandfather emmigrated to Austraila. I was born in New Zealand in 1948. I am now residing in London and Margate. Very interesting! Alyson Jane Atthill Hunter.

    1. Hi Alyson :) Are you related to John Gray Porter Atthill who was Judge in St.Lucia? I am trying to trace his descendants. Also an adopted child called Charles Reddie...I am guessing named after Mount Reddie in St.Lucia

    2. He would be my great Uncle? As his brother was my great grandfather.

    3. Thanks for the reply :)
      "J.G.P. Atthill...Chief Justice of St. Lucia, 1859-c.1869; married, 15 September 1840 at Dingle, Veronica Montgomery, daughter of John H. Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy (Limerick), and had issue one son and four daughters (the eldest of whom, Veronica, married Capt. William Russworm); died at Lancing (Sussex), 3 September and was buried at Brandiston, 6 September 1887;"

      Trying to find out more about J.G.P.Atthill's daughter Veronica (born in British Honduras) who married Capt. William Russwurm and and possibly after being widowed, a Captain Claude Montgomerie...cant find any records of him anywhere except one!
      Thank you for reaching out!

  2. " * He needs to be carefully distinguished from Robert Atthill (1793-1870) of Ipswich, surgeon, who married Susan Chapman in 1834."

    Anyone descended from this Robert Atthill who wants help with their tree please drop Jeni Allenby a line over at Ancestry. We've got quite a family out there :)


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