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(112) Allott of Hague Hall, South Kirkby

The Allott family were established from the 16th century as gentleman farmers at Painthorpe and Crigglestone in the parish of Sandal Magna near Wakefield (Yorks WR). Edward Allott (d. 1721) married Rebecca Swallow, and through her acquired the advowson (patronage) of the vicarage of South Kirkby, a few miles to the east.  Edward probably bequeathed this to his clergyman son, Robert Allott (1683-1738), who was presented to the living in 1728. Apart from a ten year period 1738-48, the family were thereafter vicars of the parish down to 1870.  Robert's eldest son, Rev. James Allott (1723-56) married the only daughter of the Rev. Henry Green (d. 1738) of Hague Hall, South Kirkby, and through her the manor house of Hague Hall entered the Allott family.  After James' early death, he was succeeded in the vicarage by his younger brother, Rev. John Allott (1734-1813) and at Hague Hall by his only surviving son, another James Allott (1754-1811).  This James bequeathed the house to his cousin, the vicar's son, Capt. John Allott (1770-1824), and when he died the vicarage and house were reunited in the person of his younger brother, Rev. George Allott (1776-1848). George's heir survived him by only a few months, and Hague Hall then passed to his next surviving brother, who was a clergyman in Lincolnshire, while the vicarage of South Kirkby went to George's younger son, Rev. George Allott (1818-70).  After 1849, the family let Hague Hall out, and in 1892 it was sold.  The house survived only a couple of decades longer, being demolished as a result of mining subsidence in 1910.  The family became established around Louth in Lincolnshire in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but do not seem to have acquired another country house.

Hague Hall, South Kirkby, Yorkshire (WR)

The manor house of South Kirkby, although on a site a mile away from the village and rather nearer to Hemsworth. There was a medieval building on the site, first recorded in 1218, but this was replaced by a square three storey gabled 17th century house with a projecting full-height gabled porch on the entrance front. It was probably built for Nathaniel Birkhead, who seems to have bought the manor of South Kirkby in about 1620, or for his son-in-law, Edmund Watson, who inherited the estate in 1649.  The house was assessed on ten hearths in 1666, showing that by then the house had been built.  The fenestration was altered to sash windows in the 18th century, and the house was refurbished at a cost of over £1000 after it was sold in 1892 to Capt. Pepper. 
Hague Hall, following partial collapse due to mining subsidence. Image: Matthew Beckett

However, from about 1904 the house began to be undermined by the workings of the nearby South Kirkby colliery; cracks began to appear in the walls and the window sills snapped in two.  Capt. Pepper moved out in about 1905 and following a partial collapse in about 1910, work began on pulling it down.  One corner of the house, complete with a huge chimney was however not taken down until after the First World War. Some of the fittings of the house were removed to other houses in the area; a 'fine wooden staircase', for example, is reputed to have gone to a house in Hemsworth.

Descent: Nathaniel Birkhead (d. 1649); to daughter, Ann, wife of Edmund Watson (d. 1688) [but see comments on this post below]; to son, Edmund Watson (1662-1714); to widow, Grace Watson who married Rev. Henry Greene (d. 1738); to daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Rev. James Allott (1723-56); to son, James Allott (1754-1811); to cousin, Capt. John Allott (1770-1824); to brother, Rev. George Allott (1776-1848); to son, James Allott (1810-48); to brother, Rev. John Allott (1812-88), who leased the house to Joseph Ward and later Joseph Sewell (d. 1887); to son, John George Allott (1839-1918) who sold 1892 to Capt. Pepper, who demolished the house c.1910.

Allott family of Hague Hall

Allott, Edward (c.1641-1721) of Painthorpe and Crigglestone. Son of George Allott of Crigleston (d. c.1683), born about 1641. Gentleman farmer. He married, 13 December 1677, Rebecca Swallow (1656-1719), and had issue:
(1) George Allott (b. 1678) of Crigleston and South Kirkby, baptised 21 November 1678; married 20 April 1715, Mrs. Susanna Allott;
(2) John Allott (b. 1680), baptised 19 July 1680; 
(3) Richard Allott (1682-1739), baptised 11 October 1682;
(2) Rev. Robert Allott (1683-1738) (q.v.);
(5) William Allott (b. 1687), baptised 16 December 1687;
(6) Elizabeth Allott (b. 1689), baptised 22 April 1689; married 3 February 1712, Samuel Wood;
(7) Susannah Allott (b. 1691), baptised 29 October 1691;
(8) Edward Allott (1694-1731), baptised 4 July 1694; buried at Sandal Magna, 14 July 1731;
(9) James Allott (b. 1696), baptised 29 November 1696;
(10) Thomas Allott (b. 1700), baptised 7 March 1699/1700.
He owned farms at Painthorpe and Crigglestone in Sandal Magna near Wakefield (Yorks WR). Crigleston passed to his eldest son, and Painthorpe perhaps to his younger son.
He was buried at Sandal Magna, 20 April 1721 and his will was proved 27 April 1721. His wife was buried 6 October 1719.

Allott, Rev. Robert (1683-1738).  Second son of Edward Allott (fl. 1677) and his wife Rebecca Swallow, baptised 6 February 1683/4 at Sandal Magna (Yorks WR). Educated at Sedburgh School and St. John's College, Cambridge (admitted 1702; BA 1706/7; MA 1710; Fellow, 1710-18). Ordained deacon and priest, 1709; rector of Addingham (Yorks WR), 1715-21 (deprived for non-residence); vicar of South Kirkby (Yorks WR), 1728-38. He married at York, 27 March 1722, Frances (d. 1744), daughter of Francis Hall of Swaithe Hall, Barnsley (Yorks WR) and had issue:
(1) Rev. James Allott (1723-56) (q.v.);
(2) Frances Allott (b. 1724), baptised 29 June 1724; married, 1 January 1750, Benjamin Kennett of Manchester;
(3) Sarah Allott (1725-91), baptised 24 February 1725; married, 2 July 1753, Charles Steer (1724-86) of Sandal Magna (Yorks WR) and had issue ten sons and four daughters; died 23 July and was buried at Sandal Magna, 25 July 1791;
(4) Elizabeth Allott (1727-72), baptised at Whatton (Notts), 18 October 1727; married 1 December 1745, Richard Lidster and had issue; buried at South Kirkby, 6 April 1772;
(5) Rebecca Allott (1729-1810?), baptised 9 May 1729; possibly the person of this name who died 1 September 1810 and was buried at Ecclesfield (Yorks WR);
(6) Robert Allott, of Painthorpe (1730-78), baptised 15 April 1730; probably married, 9 June 1756 at Gainsborough (Lincs), Mary Wilkinson; buried at Sandal Magna, 3 February 1778; will proved at York, May 1778; his widow sold the Painthorpe property following his death;
(7) Rev. John Allott (1734-1813) (q.v.).
He may have inherited Painthorpe from his father and passed it to his second son, whose widow sold it.
He died 27 July 1738 and is commemorated by a monument at South Kirkby. His widow died in 1744 and administration of her goods was granted May 1744.

Allott, Rev. James (1723-56). Eldest son of Rev. Robert Allott (1683-1738) and his wife Frances, daughter of Francis Hall of Swaith Hall, baptised 5 May 1723. Vicar of South Kirkby (Yorks WR). Educated at Sedbergh School and St John's College, Cambridge (admitted 1741; BA 1744/5; MA 1748). Ordained deacon, 1746 and priest, 1747; vicar of South Kirkby, 1747-56. He married, 27 August 1753, Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. Henry Greene (d. 1738) of Hague Hall, South Kirkby and had issue:
(1) James Allott (1754-1811) (q.v.);
(2) Robert Allott (1755-56), baptised 11 October 1755; buried 14 January 1756.
Through his marriage, he inherited Hague Hall from his father-in-law.
He was buried at South Kirkby, 28 February 1756.

Allott, James (1754-1811) of Hague Hall. Only son of Rev. James Allott (1723-56) and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Greene of Hague Hall, baptised 8 October 1754. Educated at South Kirkby and Trinity College, Cambridge (admitted 1772; BA 1776; MA 1779). He was unmarried and without issue.
He inherited Hague Hall from his father, and at his death bequeathed it to his cousin, Capt. John Allott (d. 1824).
He was buried at South Kirkby, 7 September 1811, where he was commemorated by a monument. His will was proved at York, March 1812.

Allott, Rev. John (1734-1813). Youngest son of Rev. Robert Allott (c.1684-1738) and his wife Frances, daughter of Francis Hall of Swaith Hall, baptised 5 March 1734. Educated at Sedbergh School and St John's College, Oxford (matriculated 1754; BA 1758; MA 1761). Ordained deacon, 1758 and priest, 1759; curate of Felkirk (Yorks WR), 1758-59; vicar of South Kirkby (Yorks WR), 1759-1813. He married, 31 October 1769, Anne (c.1746-1824), daughter of Hugh Hammersley of Doncaster (Yorks WR), and had issue:
(1) Capt. John Allott (1770-1824) (q.v.);
(2) Sarah Allott (1771-1842), baptised 5 December 1771; died unmarried and was buried at South Kirkby, 22 April 1842;
(3) Anne Allott (1773-1849), baptised 8 September 1773; died unmarried 13 January and was buried at South Kirkby, 20 January 1849;
(4) Rev. George Allott (1776-1848) (q.v.);
(5) Rev. James Allott (1778-1814), baptised 27 July 1778; educated at Louth Grammar School and St. John's and St. Catherine's Colleges, Cambridge (matriculated 1798; BA 1802; MA 1805); ordained deacon, 1802 and priest, 1805; Chaplain to the Forces in Lisbon (Portugal) during the Peninsula campaign; died unmarried at Stevenage (Herts), 1814, shortly after returning to England; buried at South Kirkby, 8 October 1814; administration of his goods granted December 1814.
He was buried at South Kirkby, 13 April 1813; his will was proved at York, July 1813. His widow was buried at South Kirkby, 17 April 1824, aged 78.

Allott, Capt. John (1770-1824) of Hague Hall. Eldest son of Rev. John Allott (1734-1813) and his wife Anne, daughter of Hugh Hammersley of Doncaster, baptised 6 October 1770. Captain in the 5th Regiment of the Army. He married, 26 February 1822, Elizabeth, daughter of James Emmerson of South Kirkby but had no issue.
He inherited Hague Hall from his cousin, James Allott, in 1811.
He died and was buried at South Kirkby, 19 June 1824.

Allott, Rev. George (1776-1848), of Hague Hall. Second son of Rev. John Allott (1734-1813) and his wife Anne, daughter of Hugh Hammersley of Doncaster, born 8 and baptised 31 October 1776. Educated at Louth Grammar School and St Catherine's College, Cambridge (matriculated 1795; BA 1799; MA 1814). He was ordained deacon, 1799 and priest, 1800; perpetual curate of Bolton-upon-Dearne (Yorks WR), 1800-48; vicar of South Kirkby, 1813-48. He married, 10 October 1805, Mary (b. 1776), eldest daughter of James Emmerson of South Kirkby and had issue:
(1) Catherine Ann Allott (1806-83); baptised at Patrington (Yorks), 31 August 1806; married, 11 May 1830, William Platt Bradshaw (1797-1874) of Burnage Lodge, Levenshulme (Lancs); died 29 September 1883; will proved 28 December 1883 (estate £2,227);
(2) Sarah  Cope Allott (1807-76), baptised 24 November 1807; married, 4 June 1838, Joshua Hepworth (d. 1879) of Rogerthorpe Hall near Pontefract (Yorks WR); died 31 October 1876 and was buried at Badsworth (Yorks WR), 4 November 1876; will proved 30 May 1879 (estate under £6,000);
(3) James Allott (1810-48) of Burnt Wood Lodge, born 29 September 1810; educated at Clare College, Cambridge (matriculated 1829; BA 1838; MA 1841); married, 14 January 1847, Hannah, eldest daughter of John Webster of Springfield House, Morley (Yorks WR) but died without issue; died 4 and buried at South Kirkby, 10 November 1848;
(4) Rev. John Allott (1812-88) (q.v.);
(5) Mary Elizabeth Allott (1813-95), baptised 23 January 1814; married 1st, 17 September 1839, Henry Orme (d. 1851) of Louth (Lincs), son of Rev. Thomas Henry Cave Orme; married 2nd, 1856, Frederic Septimus Tate (d. 1882); died 2 September 1895; will proved 18 October 1895 (estate £19,191);
(6) Frances Jane Allott (1816-50), baptised 10 March 1816; married, 25 June 1846, Robert Shipman (1817-71) of Grantham (Lincs) and had issue one son and one daughter; died 15 February 1850;
(7) Rev. George Allott (1818-70), born 7 June 1818; educated at Louth, Doncaster and Gonville & Caius and Jesus Colleges, Cambridge (admitted 1837; BA 1841); ordained deacon, 1842 and priest, 1843; vicar of South Kirkby, 1848-70; married June 1851, Sarah (c.1831-1911), second daughter of John Webster of Springfield House, Morley (Yorks WR) and had issue three daughters; died 23 April 1870; will proved 3 June 1870 (estate under £4,000).
He inherited Hague Hall from his elder brother in 1824. At his death it passed first to his eldest son and then a few months later to his second son.
He died 13 June and was buried at South Kirkby, 17 June 1848.

Allott, Rev. John (1812-88), of Hague Hall. Second son of Rev. George Allott (1776-1848) and his wife Mary, eldest daughter of James Emmerson of South Kirkby, born 21 March 1812. Educated at St John's College, Cambridge (admitted 1831; BA 1835). Ordained deacon, 1835 and priest, 1836; rector of Maltby-le-Marsh (Lincs) 1836-88; JP for Lincolnshire. He married, 27 October 1836, Catherine (d. 1881), daughter of William Wilson of Louth (Lincs) and had issue:
(1) Catherine Mary Allott (1838-1907); married, 14 June 1860, Capt. Edmund Locock (1830-93) but had no issue; died 3 October 1907; will proved 27 November 1907 (estate £3,982);
(2) Maj. John George Allott (1839-1918) (q.v.);
(3) Marianne Ludlam Allott (1840-1926); married, 17 July 1862, Canon John Henry Overton (1835-1903), historian of the church; rector of Epworth (Lincs) and later Gumley (Leics) and had issue a daughter; died 15 December 1926; will proved 22 April 1927 (estate £2,544)
(4) Rev. Henry Hepworth Allott (1842-1913), born 25 June 1842; educated at St John's College, Cambridge (BA 1866; MA 1870); ordained deacon, 1870 and priest, 1871; curate of Polesworth (Warks), 1870-79; vicar of Warton (Warks) 1879-83; rector of Stifford (Essex), 1883-1913; married, 3 June 1879, Alicia Georgiana, third daughter of Rev. Henry Hanmer, rector of Grendon (Warks) and had issue eight sons and eight daughters;
(5) Sarah Frances Allott (1844-1917), born 3 November 1844; died unmarried, 2 May 1917; will proved 4 March 1918 (estate £3,075);
(6) Rev. Robert James Allott (1847-1910); educated at Durham Univ (BA 1871) and Gloucester Theological College; ordained deacon, 1874 and priest, 1875; curate of Pucklechurch (Glos), 1874-77, Beesby (Lincs), 1877-82 and Maltby-le-Marsh, 1882-88; rector of Maltby-le-Marsh (Lincs), 1888-95; died unmarried, 18 April 1910; will proved 26 October 1910 (estate £28,651);
(7) Elizabeth Ann Allott (1849-1930), born 2 December 1849; died 9 February 1930.
He inherited Hague Hall from his elder brother but let it; he lived in the rectory at Maltby-le-Marsh where he was rector for 52 years.
He died 2 May 1888; his will was proved 7 August 1888 (estate £19,002). His wife died 3 September 1881.

Allott, Maj. John George (1839-1918), of Hague Hall. Eldest son of Rev. John Allott (1812-88) and his wife Catherine, daughter of William Wilson of Louth (Lincs), born 15 July 1839. Educated at St. John's College, Cambridge (matriculated 1858). JP for Lincolnshire. He married, 27 April 1871, Louisa (c.1846-1926), eldest daughter of Maeburn Staniland of Harrington Hall (Lincs) and had issue:
(1) George Hugh Hamersley Allott (1873-1950), born 29 May 1873; died unmarried, 19 September 1950; administration of his estate granted 6 January and 2 February 1951 (estate £98,642);
(2) Louisa Maud Allott (1872-1959), born 1 April 1872; married, 1904, Charles Palmer Chapman (d. 1908) of The Mount, Bexhill (Sussex) but had no issue; died 5 December 1959; will proved 15 and 17 February 1960 (estate £93,883);
(3) Hilda Frances Allott (1884-1901), born 24 July 1884; died July-Sept. 1901.
He inherited Hague Hall from his father in 1881, but let it and lived at Eastfield House, Louth (Lincs).
He died at Welbeck Palace Hotel, London, 22 January 1918; his will was proved 13 April 1918 (estate £28,496). His widow died 19 March 1926; her will was proved 7 July 1926 (estate £20,239).


Burke's Landed Gentry, 1898, p. 18; A. Wilkinson, A history of South Kirkby, 1979, pp. 139-46; E. Waterson & P. Meadows, Lost houses of the West Riding, 1998, p. 45.

Location of archives

No significant archive is known to survive.

Coat of arms

Or, a plain fess, double cotised, wavy, azure; on it a canton of the second, two bars argent, charged with three swallows, volant, sable.

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  1. Edmund watson of hague hall south kirkby, yorkshire b. 1629 married 1661jane wood, b. 1641, daughter of robert wood of monk bretton

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    2. I have checked this and you are quite right: they were married at Royston (Yorks WR), 1 December 1661. Could Jane have been his second wife?

  2. Would you happen to have any more information on Eastfield House Louth please?

    1. I am afraid I have not researched this. I note it has recently been used as offices for Lincolnshire's Social Services dept. and has been for sale:

  3. Re: Rev. George Allott:
    Venn suggests PC. Bolton upon Dearne to 1848 (and he is certainly in the 1835 Report of the Ecclesiastical Revenues Commission as being PC. there.


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