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(39) Addenbrooke of The Lea and Wollaston Hall

The Rev. John Addenbrooke (1652-1724), whose nephew, Dr. John Addenbrooke (1681-1719) left a bequest to found the famous Cambridge hospital that bears his name, traced his ancestry from a family of ironmasters living at The Lye, Old Swinford and Kingswinford (Worcs) since the mid 16th century.  He was rector of Upper Sapey (Herefs), and purchased the estate of The Lea in that parish c.1700, and rebuilt the house there as a seven bay, two storey building in brick.  After his death it passed to his sons John (d. 1776) and  Edward (d. 1791), who bequeathed it to his kinsman, the ironmaster, John Addenbrooke Homfray (1759-1837) of Wollaston Hall, who took the surname Addenbrooke by royal licence in 1792.  In 1837 The Lea passed to Edward Addenbrooke Addenbrooke (1782-1855), and it descended to his eldest son, Rev. Edward Addenbrooke (1816-97), who was vicar of Smethwick (Staffs) and later of Prees (Shropshire).  His eldest son, Edward Homfray Addenbrooke (1845-1915) was a surgeon, and seems to have sold The Lea and the family's Black Country property.  

The Lea, Upper Sapey, Herefordshire

A two storey seven bay early 18th century brick house, presumably built for Rev. John Addenbrooke (d. 1724), who bought the estate in c.1700.  The ground floor, which has segmented-headed windows, is more irregularly fenestrated, but was perhaps regular originally.  Inside, there is an original staircase with turned balusters.  A rear wing was added in the early 19th century.  The house has recently been comprehensively renovated.
The Lea, Upper Sapey in 2013.  Image © Catherine Beale

Descent: sold c.1700 to Rev. John Addenbrooke (d. 1724); to son, John Addenbrooke (d. 1776); to brother, Edward Addenbrooke (d. 1791); to kinsman, John Addenbrooke Homfray (later Addenbrooke) (1759-1837) of Wollaston Hall; to kinsman, Edward Addenbrooke Addenbrooke (1782-1855) of Kingswinford House; to son, Rev. Edward Addenbrooke (1816-97); to son, Edward Homfray Addenbrooke (1845-1915), who appears to have sold the estate.

Wollaston Hall, Stourbridge, Worcestershire

Wollaston Hall in the late 19th century. Image: History of Wollaston Group

Wollaston Hall from an old postcard.  Image: History of Wollaston Group

A semi-timbered and gabled five bay two storey early 17th century house, remodelled and extended c.1850; what was done then is not entirely clear, but perhaps included the wider left-hand bay and the stone-built additions at the rear.  In 1832 the house had terraced gardens, stepping down to the meadows below and with an avenue of sycamores approaching the entrance.  The house was demolished in 1925-26, when many parts of the building were transported to America and sold for incorporation in new buildings.  A fireplace and some panelling has been traced to the Ford House at Gaukler Pointe, near Detroit, built in 1926-29 by Albert Kahn for Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford and chairman of the Ford Motor Company.

Descent: sold 1592 to George Liddeatt, merchant taylor of London; to ?son, John Liddeatt (d. 1639); to son, John Liddeatt (fl. 1672); sold 1672 to Thomas Foley ... sold 1809 to Thomas Hill... sold 1826 to John William Ward, 1st Earl of Dudley (1781-1833)... sold 1848 to William Blow Collis (d. 1858); sold 1859 to Henry Onions Firmstone (d. 1899); sold 1899 to Caleb Roberts (d. 1918); sold 1925 to his daughter, Amelia Blanch Cooper Darby; demolished 1926.  The house was let continuously from 1672 to 1848, and the tenants included John Wheeler (d. 1708) and his son; Edward Kendall (1684-1746); Francis Homfray (1674-1737); to son, John Homfray (1731-60); to son, John Addenbrooke Addenbrooke (nĂ© Homfray) (1759-1837); to son, Edward Addenbrooke Addenbrooke (1782-1855). 

The Addenbrooke family of The Lea and Wollaston Hall

Addenbrooke, Roger (1612-71), of Kingswinford (Staffs).  Younger son of Henry Addenbrooke (c.1580-1617) of The Lye and his wife Gertrude Spratt, born 23 August 1612.  He married 8 October 1639 Anne Brettell (d. 1673) of Kingswinford, and had issue:
(1) Rev. Samuel Addenbrooke (1642-1710), baptised 27 August 1642; educated at Magdalen Hall, Oxford (matriculated 1662; BA 1665); rector of West Bromwich (Staffs); m. 13 May 1676 Matilda Perry and had issue one son (Dr John Addenbrooke, founder of Addenbrooke's Hospital) and two daughters; will proved in PCC 28 November 1710;
(2) Elizabeth Addenbrooke (b. 1645), baptised 5 July 1645; m. William Hurst of Kinver (Staffs);
(3) Jeremiah Addenbrooke (1649-1701) (q.v.);
(4) Rev. John Addenbrooke (1652-1724) (q.v.).
He died 21 August 1671.  

Addenbrooke, Rev. John (1652-1724), of The Lea.  Youngest son of Roger Addenbrooke (1612-71) and his wife Anne Brettell, born 16 October 1652.  Educated at St. Catherine's Hall, Cambridge (matriculated 1674; BA 1674/5; MA 1678).  Rector of Upper Sapey (Herefordshire), 1683-1724; vicar of Wolferlow (Herefs), 1705.  He married 27 January 1678 Elizabeth (d. 1744), daughter of John Nash of Droitwich, and had issue:
(1) Very Rev. John Addenbrooke (1691-1776) (q.v.);
(2) Edward Addenbrooke (d. 1791) of The Lea (q.v.);
(3) Margaret Addenbrooke (1705-84), died unmarried and without issue.
He purchased the estate of The Lea c. 1700 and built a new house there.  At his death it passed to his elder son, John, and then to his younger son, Edward.
He died 22 January 1724.

Addenbrooke, Very Rev. John (1691-1776), of The Lea.  Elder son of Rev. John Addenbrooke (1652-1724) and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of John Nash of Droitwich, born 1691.  Educated at Christ Church and St Mary's Hall, Oxford (matriculated 1702; BA 1708) and St. Catherine's Hall, Cambridge (MA 1710); rector of Sutton (Salop), 1724; rector of Upper Sapey (Herefs), 1725-30?; vicar of Rosthorne (Cheshire), 1730-32; rector of St Mary, Stafford, 1732-46; rector of Sudbury (Derbys), 1736-76; Dean of Lichfield, 1745-76.  He married 1735 Dorothy (1701-72), daughter of John Wedgwood but died without issue.
He inherited The Lea estate from his father in 1724, but probably did not live there after 1732 because of his clerical appointments.  At his death the estate was inherited by his younger brother.
He died 25 February 1776.

Addenbrooke, Edward (1701-91), of The Lea.  Second son of Rev. John Addenbrooke (1652-1724) and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of John Nash of Droitwich, born 1701.
He inherited the estate of The Lea from his elder brother in 1776, but had probably always lived there.  At his death he bequeathed it to his first cousin twice removed, John Addenbrooke Homfray (see below).
He died unmarried and without issue in 1791; will proved in PCC 31 December 1791.

Addenbrooke, Jeremiah (1649-1701) of Kingswinford.  Younger son of Roger Addenbrooke (1612-71) and his wife Anne Brettell, born 7 July 1649.  He married first, c.1676, Sarah (d. 1690), widow of Richard Paston; second, 21 November 1693, Sarah (d. 1695), daughter of John Ropier of Kings Norton (Worcs); and third, c.1698 Mary, daughter of Henry Addenbrooke of Sedgley (who m.2, 2 February 1709/10, Sylvanus Robins), and had issue:
(1.1) Elizabeth Addenbrooke (b. 1678); baptised 21 November 1678;
(2.1) John Addenbrooke (b. c.1695); died without issue;
(3.1) Jeremiah Addenbrooke (1701-73) (q.v.).
He was buried at Kingswinford 31 January 1700/01 and his will was proved 23 April 1701.  His first and second wives were buried in the same place, 5 June 1690and 8 July 1695.

Addenbrooke, Jeremiah (1701-73).  Only son of Jeremiah Addenbrooke (1649-1701) and his third wife Mary, daughter of Henry Addenbrooke of Sedgley, born posthumously and baptised at Sedgley (Staffs), 23 February 1700/01.  He married 2 November 1726 at Pattingham (Staffs), Hannah (d. 1753), daughter of Thomas Hodgetts of Kingswinford and had issue:
(1) John Addenbrooke (b. & d. 1727), baptised 13 July 1727 and buried the following day;
(2) Mary Addenbrooke (later Homfray) (1728-1800) (q.v.);
(3) Elizabeth Addenbrooke (1730-1812), baptised 3 June 1730; m. 31 July 1771 at Kingswinford, Col. Charles Macmurdo, but died without issue, 24 March 1812.
He died at Kingswinford, 28 August 1773, and his will was proved at Lichfield, 11 November 1773.  His wife died 16 April 1753 and was buried at Kingswinford, 19 April 1753.

Addenbrooke (later Homfray), Mary (1728-1800), of Wollaston Hall.  Elder daughter of Jeremiah Addenbrooke (1701-73) and his wife Hannah, daughter of Thomas Hodgetts of Kingswinford, born at Much Wenlock (Salop), 14 August 1728.  She married 24 April 1758 at Kingswinford, John Homfray (1731-60) of Wollaston Hall, ironmaster, and had issue:
(1) John Addenbrooke Homfray (later Addenbrooke) (1759-1837) (q.v.).
She lived after her marriage at Wollaston Hall.
She died 19 December 1800.  Her husband died in 1760 and his will was proved in PCC, 26 April 1760.

Homfray (later Addenbrooke), John Addenbrooke (1759-1837), of Wollaston Hall and The Lea.  Only child of John Homfray (1731-60) and his wife Mary Addenbrooke (1728-1800), baptised at Old Swinford, 16 May 1759.  Ironmaster; High Sheriff of Worcestershire, 1798.  He changed his surname to Addenbrooke by royal licence in 1792, on succeeding to the estate of The Lea.  He married first, 7 August 1780 at Old Swinford, Elizabeth (1759-1808), daughter of Michael Grazebrook of Audnam, Kingswinford (Staffs); and second, 13 June 1832 Lydia (1789-1864), daughter of Wade Browne of Monkton Farleigh (Somerset) and widow of Joseph Lea of The Hill, Amblecote, and had issue:
(1.1) Edward Addenbrooke Addenbrooke (1782-1855) (q.v.);
(1.2) John Addenbrooke (1784-1859) of Rockingham Hall, Hagley (Worcs); born 12 and baptised 26 April 1784 at Old Swinford; died unmarried, 29 June 1859; will proved 13 August 1859;
(1.3) Henry Addenbrooke (1787-1857), of Field House, Clent (Worcs), born 1 and baptised 16 April 1787; m. 22 January 1828, Mary Louisa (1798-1859), daughter of John Pidcock of The Flatts (Staffs) and had issue two daughters; died 6 July 1857 at Cheltenham (Glos); will proved 21 August 1857.
He inherited the tenancy of Wollaston Hall from his father in 1760 and The Lea estate from his kinsman, Edward Addenbrooke in 1791.
He died 10 March 1837 and his will was proved in PCC, 5 January 1838.  His first wife died 7 June 1808 and his second 5 September 1864 at Malvern Link (Worcs); her will was proved 19 October 1864.

Addenbrooke, Edward Addenbrooke (1782-1855) of The Lea.  Eldest son of John Addenbrooke Homfray (later Addenbrooke) (1759-1837) and his first wife Elizabeth, daughter of Michael Grazebrook of Audnam, Kingswinford (Staffs), born 7 and baptised 8 March 1782.  He married, 26 January 1815, Emma (1794-1875), daughter of John Pidcock of The Flatts and had issue:
(1) Rev. Edward Addenbrooke (1816-97) (q.v.);
(2) John Addenbrooke (1817-82), baptised 21 January 1817; m. 19 October 1847 at Christ Church, West Bromwich, Elizabeth (1826-1900), daughter of Rev. W. Gordon of West Bromwich and had issue eight sons and seven daughters;
(3) Emma Addenbrooke (b. & d. 1818), baptised 13 December 1818 and died 21 December 1818;
(4) Elizabeth Addenbrooke (1820-24), born 25 October 1820 and baptised 20 January 1822; died 21 August 1824;
(5) Henry Addenbrooke (1821-1902) of Sutton Coldfield (Warks), solicitor; born 27 December 1821; m. Priscilla, daughter of Samuel Stone Briscoe of Summer Hill, Kingswinford (Staffs) and had issue four sons and six daughters; died 25 July 1902; will proved 19 September 1902;
(6) Emma Addenbrooke (1824-91), born 15 February 1824 and baptised 29 July 1825 at Kingswinford; m. Vincent Holbeche (1806-67) of Sutton Coldfield and had issue five sons and two daughters;
(7) George Addenbrooke (1825-1906), baptised 29 October 1825; m. Matilda Louisa (1831-99), daughter of Richard Westwood of Greenhill, Wombourne (Staffs) and had issue two sons and two daughters; died 20 May 1906;
(8) Thomas Addenbrooke (1827-88) of The Poplars, Lymm (Cheshire), baptised 2 April 1827; m. 27 May 1856, Emma (1838-1918), daughter of Benjamin Richards of Stourbridge and had issue three sons and one daughter; died 20 December 1888; will proved 8 May 1905;
(9) Laura Addenbrooke (1829-1903), baptised 26 January 1829; m. 1858 Rev. George Gilbanks (1826-1913), vicar of Wollaston; died 14 December 1903; will proved 9 March 1904;
(10) Frances Addenbrooke (1835-1907), baptised 17 October 1835; m.1, 1861, Rev. James Raven, vicar of Swindon; m.2, 1879 Rev. Francis Aspinwall Goddard (1841-88), vicar of Caverswall (Staffs); died 31 December 1907;
(11) Henrietta Addenbrooke (1837-1928), baptised 23 March 1837; m. 1 January 1867 at Kingswinford, Rev. Oswald Mangin Holden (1844-1938), vicar of Gailey-cum-Heatherton (Staffs) and had issue two sons and three daughters; died 11 March 1928; will proved 2 June 1928.
He inherited the tenancy of Wollaston Hall (given up in or before 1848. when the property was sold) and The Lea estate in Herefordshire from his father in 1837.
He died 16 May 1855 at Kingswinford and his will was proved in PCC, 3 July 1855. His widow died at Kingswinford, 3 February 1875, aged 81.

Addenbrooke, Rev. Edward (1816-97) of The Lea.  Eldest son of Edward Addenbrooke Addenbrooke (1782-1855) and his wife Emma, daughter of John Pidcock of The Flatts, born 27 and baptised 31 January 1816.  Educated at Trinity College, Oxford (matriculated 1834; BA 1838); ordained deacon, 1839 and priest, 1848; curate of Spernall, 1839-40; curate in charge of Ipsley, 1840-42; curate of Kingswinford, 1842-43; curate of Smethwick, 1843-50; vicar of Smethwick (Staffs), 1850-83; vicar of Prees (Shropshire), 1883-97; Rural Dean of Handsworth, 1874-78.  He married first, 1 November 1844, Elizabeth (1826-54), daughter of Henry Homfray of Broadwaters House (Worcs), and second, 24 June 1856 at Romsey (Hants), Caroline Frances Bramston (1819-97), daughter of Rev. James Davies of Braishfield House (Hants) and had issue:
(1.1) Edward Homfray Addenbrooke (1845-1915) (q.v.);
(1.2) Elizabeth Ann Addenbrooke (1847-1922); born 22 December 1847; married 21 July 1868 at Smethwick, Rev. Henry Kingdon Simcox (1839-1905); died 15 July 1922; will proved 16 April 1930;
(1.3) Emma Pidcock Addenbrooke (1848-1916); baptised 4 March 1849; died unmarried 28 April 1916 at Malvern; will proved 16 June 1916;
(1.4) Henrietta Enzel Addenbrooke (1850-1918); baptised 24 August 1850; died unmarried 30 December 1918 at Fisherton House (Wilts); will proved 6 March 1919;
(1.5) Mary Smith Addenbrooke (1851-1919); baptised 28 September 1851; married, 1873, Rev. James Payton (1844-1925), naval instructor, 1866-71, chaplain in Royal Navy, 1873-90, rector of Hopton Wafers (Shropshire), 1890-1913, rural dean of Stottesdon, 1898-1916 and vicar of Kinlet (Shropshire), 1913-19, and had issue five sons and four daughters; died 11 March 1919;
(1.6) Caroline Isobel Addenbrooke (1852-1929); baptised 12 September 1852; died unmarried, 30 September 1929; will proved 30 November 1929;
(2.1) Frances Howarth Addenbrooke (1857-1925); baptised 11 June 1857; died unmarried 19 January 1925 at Malvern; will proved 3 March 1925;
(2.2) Rev. James Jennings Addenbrooke (1859-1934), born August 1859; educated at Keble College, Oxford (BA 1882); ordained deacon, 1882 and priest, 1884; curate of St. Paul, Burton-on-Trent, 1882-89; vicar of Whixall (Shropshire), 1889-1934; m. 25 April 1905, Lizzie Evelyn Serridge (b. 1881/82) and had issue one son and one daughter; died 28 September 1934; will proved 19 December 1934;
(2.3) Dr. Herbert Henry Hodgetts Addenbrooke (1862-1924), born 27 May 1862; educated at King Edwards School, Queen's College, Birmingham and Glasgow University; general practitioner in Sparkhill, Birmingham; m.1, 1892, Catherine Alice Cutler (1858-1918) and m.2, 4 March 1919, Hilda Elsworth (1878-1972) and had issue one daughter; died 25 January 1924; buried in Birmingham City Cemetery; will proved 1 March 1924.
He inherited The Lea estate in Herefordshire from his father in 1855 but probably never lived there because of his clerical appointments.
He died 30 November 1897.  His first wife died 10 June 1854; his second wife died 12 June 1897 at Wem (Salop)

Addenbrooke, Edward Homfray (1845-1915) of The Lea.  Only son of Rev. Edward Addenbrooke (1816-97) and his first wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Homfray of Broadwaters House (Worcs), born 10 June 1845.  He married, 4 August 1870, Marianne (1850-1937), daughter of Rev. Henry Downing, vicar of Kingswinford, and had issue:
(1) Henry Edward Addenbrooke (1871-1940); born 28 July 1871; emigrated to Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1890 and became an American citizen, 1904; m. 11 June 1898 in Illinois, Gertrude Mabel Touche and had issue one son and two daughters; died 20 June 1940;
(2) Francis Andrew Addenbrooke (1872-1918); born 30 November 1872; m. 1918 Lily Annie Paine; died at Sussex County Asylum, 15 December 1918; will proved 26 February 1919;
(3) Bertram Addenbrooke (1874-1929), born 28 October 1874; m. c. 1909 in Ireland, Frances Edith, daughter of Joseph Mayne of Warrenpoint (Down) and had issue one daughter; died 22 January 1929; will proved 25 February 1929;
(4) Eleanor Charlotte Addenbrooke (1876-1963), mayor of Kidderminster; born 1 July 1876; died unmarried, 12 April 1963;
(5) Dorothy Marian Addenbrooke (1880-1904), born 26 September 1880; died unmarried 4 July 1904;
(6) Arthur Addenbrooke (1882-1916), born 30 May 1882; m. 1912 Emma J. Mountford; died without issue in London of wounds received at the Battle of the Somme, 5 October 1916; will proved 7 December 1916;
(7) Robert Geoffrey Addenbrooke (1889-1957), of Wychbury House, Droitwich; born 22 July 1889; m. 1919, Jennie Maud (1893-1977), daughter of Canon D.G. Phillips, rector of Newport (Pembs) and had issue one son and one daughter; died 27 March 1957; will proved 20 May 1957.
He inherited The Lea estate from his father in 1897, but sold it shortly afterwards.
He died 15 October 1915 at The Platts, Kidderminster (Worcs) and his will was proved 4 December 1915.  His widow died 27 April 1938 and her will was proved 21 July 1937.


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Where are their papers?

Addenbrooke family of The Lea: no significant archive is known to survive.

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