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(47) Adeane of Babraham

The Adeane family were established as armigerous landholders in Chalgrove, Watlington and Britwell Salome (all Oxon) by the mid 17th century.  Their main residence seems to have been at Chalgrove, although they were not the manorial lords there.  Simon Adeane (d. 1686), who married Jane Whorwood in 1653, is the first member of the family from whom a continuous descent can be established with confidence.  They remained minor gentry until Simon Whorwood Adeane (c.1713-47) married Mary Brydges, a niece of the 1st Duke of Chandos.  

They had only one child, General James Whorwood Adeane (1740-1802), who pursued a successful military career and became MP successively for the City of Cambridge and for Cambridgeshire.  He transformed the family fortunes by marrying Anne, the only child of the wealthy Robert Jones, MP for Huntingdon, who had bought the Babraham (Cambs) estate and rebuilt the house there shortly before his death in 1774.  Anne was only sixteen at the time of her marriage, which took place against her father’s wishes.  He retaliated by leaving most of his property, comprising the Babraham Hall estate and lands at Chigwell (Essex) and elsewhere (valued at £88,000 for probate) not to them but to their eldest child, Robert Jones Adeane (1763-1823), but since he was a minor at the time his parents in practice gained possession.  Robert’s son, Henry John Adeane (1789-1847) followed in his grandfather’s footsteps as MP for Cambridgeshire, 1830-32, and also rebuilt Babraham Hall to the designs of Philip Hardwick in 1833-37.  He married twice and his second wife, by whom he had twelve children, was one of the renowned daughters of the 1st Lord Stanley of Alderley.  Many of their children had interesting careers and married into other aristocratic and gentry families.  In particular, his third son, Edward Stanley Adeane (1836-1902), became an Admiral and was the grandfather of Michael Adeane, Baron Adeane, private secretary to Queen Elizabeth II for the first twenty years of her reign. 

Henry’s younger son, another Henry John Adeane (1833-70) enlarged Babraham Hall in 1864 and substantially remodelled the interior before his untimely death.  His heir, Charles Robert Whorwood Adeane (1863-1943), who inherited at the age of seven, was a model landowner and public servant.  Interested in agricultural improvement, he became President of the Royal Agricultural Society of England in 1917.  He was active as a magistrate and was deputy chairman of the Cambridgeshire Quarter Sessions until his appointment as Lord Lieutenant in 1915, an office which he held until his death.  Two of his daughters married into the Lyttelton family, and Humphrey Lyttelton, the jazz musician, was his grandson.  Col. Sir Robert Philip Wyndham Adeane (1905-79), who inherited in 1943, was unable to see his family reoccupying the very large house at Babraham and in 1948 he sold it with 450 acres to the Agricultural Research Council.  Babraham Hall is now part of the Babraham Institute, which undertakes research into cell and molecular biology.  He retained the rest of the estate, however, and purchased Quendon Hall in Essex in 1956 as a new and more manageable seat, which he restored after fire damage.  The rest of the Babraham estate was sold c.1982 by Henry Robert Thomas Adeane (b. 1957).  Quendon Hall was sold to the 3rd Earl of Inchcape in 1969.

Babraham Hall, Cambridgeshire

The Babraham estate in Cambridgeshire was bought in 1576 by Robert Taylor, who about 1580 built a large new courtyard house, which he called Babraham Place, on the north bank of the River Cam to replace the former moated manor house on the south bank. Taylor’s house was of brick with stone dressings and faced the road to Cambridge. According to the antiquarian William Cole, it had three round bow windows and a portico on the entrance front and resembled Crewe Hall (Cheshire). In 1589 Taylor sold his new house to Sir Horatio Palavicino (d. 1600), who remodelled it in the 1590s, possibly to the designs of John Thorpe, who may have drawn the house as altered, although it has also been suggested that drawing reproduced below is a largely unexecuted design for the improvement of Hinchingbrooke House (Hunts). Sir Horatio's son, Tobias Palavicino inherited in 1615 and embellished the great hall with a marble mantelpiece bearing his arms, but in 1632 he sold the estate to the brothers, Richard and Sir Thomas Bennet (d. 1667), whose fine standing marble monument is in the parish church. The house was taxed on 40 hearths in 1662.

Babraham Place: drawing, possibly of this house, by John Thorpe, 1590s.

In 1667 the house was inherited by Sir Levinus Bennet MP (d. 1693), who left it to his daughter Judith (d. 1713). At some point the stretch of river near the house was straightened to form an artificial canal, which was in place by 1735. When Judith Bennet died without issue, the estate was divided among co-heirs, whose descendants all sold their respective shares in 1765 to William Mitchell. Perhaps because the Elizabethan house had been neglected over the past half century, Mitchell pulled it down in 1766–7 and the materials were sold, some being used to repair Chesterton sluice. In 1770 Mitchell sold the estate to Robert Jones (d. 1774), the MP for Huntingdon, who built a 'neat small seat' on the same site, but as far as I can discover no record of this house survives. Alongside building a new house, he formed a park around it, originally of just 14 acres, although this was expanded by later owners. Robert Jones died relatively young and left the estate to his infant grandson, Robert Jones Adeane (1763-1823).

Babraham Hall: entrance front.  Image: Cambridgeshire County Council
In 1823 the estate passed to Henry John Adeane MP (1789-1847), who pulled down the 18th century house in 1832–3 to make way for the present much grander Babraham Hall, which was no doubt intended to echo its Elizabethan predecessor in its style and use of red brick with white stone dressings. The new house was designed by Philip Hardwick (1792-1870) in the Jacobean style, with mullioned and transomed windows, gables, and a big, square, asymmetrically-placed tower. At the same as the house was built, its 200 acre park was landscaped. The house was considerably enlarged in 1864 (for a later Henry John Adeane MP (1833-70)), when the the long Italianate colonnade of square piers was added at the back and the formal garden was laid out.

Babraham Hall: garden front
The house was sold to the Agricultural Research Council in 1948 with 450 acres  and is now an institute for biotechnology studies.  The institute has demolished the outbuildings and ruined the park with new laboratories etc. which have become increasingly industrial and insensitive to context over time.  The rest of the estate was subsequently vested in a charitable trust set up by Sir Robert Adeane.  

Descent: Robert Taylor, 1576-89; sold to Sir Horatio Palavicino (d. 1600), kt.; to son, Sir Henry Palavicino (d. 1615); to brother, Tobias Palavicino, who sold 1632 to Sir Richard Bennet (d. 1658), 1st bt. and his brother Sir Thomas Bennet (d. 1667), 1st bt.; to the latter’s son, Sir Levinus Bennet MP (d. 1693), 2nd bt.; to son, Sir Richard Bennet (d. 1701), 3rd bt.; to daughter Judith Bennet (d. 1713); to five aunts, whose coheirs whose descendants sold 1765 to William Mitchell; sold 1770 to Robert Jones (d. 1774); to grandson Robert Jones Adeane (d. 1823); to son, Henry John Adeane MP (1789-1847); to son, Robert Jones Adeane (1830-53); to brother, Henry John Adeane MP (1833-70); to son, Charles Robert Whorwood Adeane (1863-1943) during whose minority the house was let to 5th Earl Cadogan; to son, Col. Sir Robert Philip Wyndham Adeane (1905-79), who sold the house 1948 and vested the estate in a trust. 

Quendon Hall, Essex

Quendon Hall in 2011.

Thomas Newman bought the manor of Quendon in 1553 and built a half-H house which he called Newman Hall.  A staircase at the east end survives substantially intact from this house, which was otherwise remodelled c.1680 for Thomas Turner, possibly to the designs of Henry Winstanley of Littlebury, who was clerk of works at Audley End and had family links with Quendon.  The house was refaced in red and blue brick, and the space between the two arms of the H filled in with an entrance hall and gallery above.  The new front thus created had nine narrowly spaced bays between the recased gable ends of the old building, divided by Tuscan pilasters that are not regularly placed because the fourth bay is wider and has the doorway.  The roof had dormer windows until a fire in the 1950s, after which the attic was removed by Poulton & Freeman in 1957.  There were additions to the north front in 1866, which were again remodelled in 1908-09 as part of extensive alterations and additions by Forysth & Maule.  These included the addition of a south-west wing at an oblique angle.  Very little of the old interior survives, as it was reconstructed for the 3rd Earl of Inchcape, with decorations by Campbell, Smith & Co. in 1970.  The house stands on the northern edge of the only medieval deer park in Essex to have survived with its deer.  There is a fine 17th century octagonal dovecote to the west of the house, built of red and blue brick with a tiled roof and lantern.  The house is now used as a wedding venue and conference centre.

Descent: sold 1553 to Thomas Newman....Thomas Turner (fl. 1670-80)...sold 1717 to John Maurice, who sold 1741 to Henry Cranmer...sold 1907 to Sir William Foot Mitchell...sold 1956 to Sir Robert Adeane who sold 1969 to Kenneth James William Mackay, 3rd Earl of Inchcape (1917-94), who sold 1980 to Tower Investments Ltd.

Adeane family of Babraham Hall

Adeane, Simon (d. 1686) of Chalgrove.  He married, 22 May 1652, Mary (d. 1703/4), daughter of John Whorwood of Mansfield (Notts) and sister of Robert Whorwood and had issue:
(1) Simon Adeane (1653-1719) (q.v.); 
(2) Mary Adeane (b. 1653), baptised 8 March 1653; m. 1672 John Barrett; 
(3) Elizabeth Adeane (b. 1656), baptised 8 January 1656; m. Mr. Peacock/Pencroke; 
(4) John Adeane (b. 1658), baptised 26 July 1658; 
(5) Alice Adeane (1662-1715), baptised 6 June 1662; married, about December 1685, Charles Peacock of Cumnor (Berks); will proved 24 June 1715. 
He lived at Chalgrove (Oxon) and owned land in Britwell Salome, Chalgrove and Watlington.
He died in 1686.  His widow was buried at Chalgrove, 5 February 1703/4.

Adeane, Simon (1653-1719) of Chalgrove.  Elder son of Simon Adeane (d. 1686) and his wife Mary, daughter of John Whorwood of Mansfield (Notts), baptised 21 December 1653.  He married Susannah (c.1655-1717) and had issue:
(1) Simon Whorwood Adeane (d. 1749/1760) (q.v.); 
(2) Whorwood Adeane (d. 1742); buried 12 December 1742;
(3) Robert Adeane (1685-1705); buried 9 August 1705;
(4) William Adeane (1686-88); baptised 1 March 1686 and died 10 November 1688;
(5) John Adeane (b & d. 1687); baptised 20 March 1687 and died 3 July 1687;
(6) Mary Adeane (b. 1692), baptised 18 January 1692; m.1, 1692, William Tipping of Oxford St, and m.2 Capt. White.
(7) William Adeane (b. 1695); baptised 18 November 1695;
(8) Sarah Adeane m. Richard Templer.
He lived at Chalgrove (Oxon).
He died and was buried at Chalgrove, 21 July 1719, aged 66.  His will was proved 29 July 1719.  His wife died 28 January 1717, aged 62.

Adeane, Simon Whorwood (d. 1760) of Chalgrove.  Eldest son of Simon Adeane (1653-1719) and his wife Susannah.  He married, 20 October 1713 at St Michael, Oxford, Mary Wright (d. 1743) and had issue: 
(1) Simon Adeane (1713/4-47) (q.v.); 
(2) Rev. William Adeane (b. 1716/17); educated at Merton College, Oxford (matriculated 1736; BA 1741; MA 1743);
(3) John Adeane (d. 1750); buried at Chalgrove;
(4) Whorwood Adeane (d. 1789), m. Anne (d. 1821); 
(5) Martin Adeane; 
(6) Susanna Adeane (b. 1715), baptised 28 September1715; 
(7) Dorothy Adeane (d. 1807), m. Rev. William Mayo (1726-1800), rector of Wootton Rivers (Wilts); buried at Chalgrove.
He lived at Chalgrove (Oxon).
He died 6 November 1760 and was buried at Chalgrove, 13 November 1760.

Adeane, Simon Whorwood (1713/4-1747).  Eldest son of Simon Whorwood Adeane (d. 1760) of Chalgrove and his wife Mary (née Wright), born 1713/14.  Educated at Pembroke College, Oxford (matriculated 1733).  He married, 1739, Mary, daughter of Rev. and Hon. Dr. Henry Brydges, brother of the 1st Duke of Chandos, and had issue:
(1) General James Whorwood Adeane MP (1740-1802) (q.v.).
He died and was buried at Chalgrove, 12 July 1747, in the lifetime of his father.

Adeane, Gen. James Whorwood (1740-1802), MP, of Chalgrove and Babraham.  Only son of Simon Whorwood Adeane (1713/4-47) and his wife Mary, daughter of Rev. and Hon. Dr. Henry Brydges, brother of 1st Duke of Chandos, baptised 14 December 1740.  Educated at Westminster School; entered the Army 1755 (Lt 1757; Capt 1761; Major 1768; Lt-Col. 1770; Maj-Gen 1782; Lt-Gen. 1796; Gen. 1801); Gentleman of the Bedchamber and Aide de Camp to King George III, 1779; Col. of 45th Foot, 1788-1802; MP for Cambridge, 1780-89; MP for Cambridgeshire, 1789-1802.  He married Anne (1746-1832), daughter and heiress of Robert Jones MP of Babraham (Cambs), and had issue:
(1) Robert Jones Adeane (1763-1823) (q.v.); 
(2) Jane Adeane (1764-1826), born 15 October and baptised 14 November 1764; m. July 1784, Rt. Rev. George Henry Law DD (1761-1845), bishop of Chester 1812-24 and of Bath & Wells 1824-45 and had issue; died 27 September 1826;
(3) Margaret Adeane (1766-1854), baptised 3 February 1766; m. 7 June 1785, John Osborne of Melchet Park (Hants); died in Bath, Jan-Mar 1854; will proved in PCC, 12 January 1854;
(4) Mary Anne Adeane (1767-1848), baptised 26 March 1767; m. 22 December 1795, Gen. Isaac Pattison Tinling (d. 1825); died in Cheltenham (Glos), Jan-Mar 1848; will proved in PCC, 18 April 1848.
He is described as of Chalgrove and Babraham, and inherited the manor of Kings Place, Chigwell (Essex) from his father-in-law in 1774, although Babraham passed directly to his son.
He died in Bath, 15 April 1802, aged 62, and was buried at Babraham (Cambs), where he is commemorated by a monument by Humphrey Hopper (1765-1845) commissioned under the will of his widow.  His widow died in 1832; her will was proved 3 July 1832.

Adeane, Robert Jones (1763-1823) of Babraham Hall.  Only son of Gen. James Whorwood Adeane MP (c.1740-1802) and his wife Anne, daughter and heiress of Robert Jones MP of Babraham, baptised at Twickenham (Middx), 11 November 1763.  High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire, 1822-23.  He married, 26 August 1785, Annabella, daughter of Sir Patrick Blake, 1st bt, of Langham Hall (Suffolk) and had issue:
(1) Charles Jones Adeane (b. 1786), born 14 June and baptised 11 July 1786; died young;
(2) Annabella Adeane (1787-1864), baptised at Langham (Suffk), 1 July 1787; married, 14 December 1832 at St Marylebone (Middx), Maj-Gen. Sir Francis Warde (1790-1879), but had no issue; died 28 January 1864 and was buried at Penn (Bucks);
(3) Henry John Adeane (1789-1847) MP (q.v.); 
(4) Louisa Adeane (d. 1837), m. 25 November 1824, Rev. William Barlow (1789-1848) (who m.2, 1846, Anne Hotham (1804-78)), son of Adm. Sir Robert Barlow; died 7 May 1837.
He inherited Babraham Hall from his maternal grandfather in 1774; property at Chigwell (Essex) and Chalgrove (Oxon) from his father.  His marriage portion appears to have included Bardwell Hall (Suffolk).
He died in Paris, 10 January 1823, and left no will.  Administration of his goods was granted (effects sworn under £25,000).

Adeane, Henry John (1789-1847), MP, of Babraham Hall.  Only son of Robert Jones Adeane (1763-1823) and his wife Annabella, daughter of Sir Patrick Blake, 1st bt., of Langham Hall (Suffolk), born 18 June 1789.  Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge (admitted 1807; BA 1811; MA 1814) and Lincolns Inn (admitted 1810); migrated to Inner Temple, 1813 (called to the bar, 1814); practised as a special pleader on the Western Circuit, 1814-22/3; JP and DL for Cambridgeshire; Chairman of Quarter Sessions; Whig MP for Cambridgeshire, 1830-32.  He married 1st, 24 October 1822 Catherine Judith (d. 1825), daughter of John King of Aldenham House (Herts); and 2nd, 6 October 1828, the Hon. Matilda Abigail Stanley (d. 1850), daughter of 1st Baron Stanley of Alderley and had issue:
(1.1) Anne Adeane (b. c.1823); baptised 14 April 1824; died unmarried, Oct-Dec. 1900;
(1.2) Robert Jones Adeane (b. 1825), born 24 June 1825 and baptised 30 June 1826; died young;
(2.1) twin, Alethea Louisa Adeane (1829-1923), baptised 26 July 1829; m. 25 July 1867, Henry Riversdale Grenfell MP (1824-1902) of Bacres, Hambledon (Bucks), Governor of Bank of England, and had issue; died 18 April 1923; will proved 30 August 1923 (estate £18,885)
(2.2) twin, Matilda Annabella Marie Adeane (1829-53); died 11 September 1853;
(2.3) Robert Jones Adeane (1830-53) (q.v.); 
(2.4) Lucy Elizabeth Adeane (c.1832-1904), m. 24 June 1864, Adm. Sir Edward Southwell Sotheby KCB (1813-1902) and had issue; died 16 January 1904;
(2.5) Henry John Adeane (1833-70) (q.v.); 
(2.6) Emmeline Augusta Adeane (c.1835-1930), m. 8 April 1856, Rev. Thomas Erskine (d. 1878), rector of Steppingley (Beds); died 27 November 1930;
(2.7) Admiral Edward Stanley Adeane CMG DL JP FRGS (1836-1902), born 7 December 1836; m. 31 July 1875, Lady Edith Isabella Dalzell (d. 1909), daughter of 11th Earl of Carnwath and had issue; died 18 October 1902; will proved 22 January 1903 (estate £28,195);
(2.8) Isabel Adeane (c.1839-1913), m. 8 January 1857, Robert Smith of Goldings (Herts) (d. 1894) and had issue; died 16 September 1913;
(2.9) Louisa Amabel Adeane (1841-94), born in Naples, 1841; m. 31 March 1864, John Martineau of Walsham-le-Willows (Suffolk) (d. 1910) and had issue; died 12 February 1894;
(2.10) Jean Henrietta Adeane OBE (c.1843-1926); died 30 October 1926;
(2.11) Constance Maria Josepha Adeane (1845-1918), m. 9 August 1865. Hugh Colin Smith of Mount Clare, Roehampton, Surrey (d. 1910) and had issue; died 1 December 1918;
(2.12) Frederick Carus Adeane (1847-52); died 5 December 1852.
He inherited Babraham Hall and other property from his father and rebuilt it in 1833-37 to the designs of Philip Hardwick.  He sold his family's Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire property in 1839 and after his death, his executors sold the Kings Place estate in Chigwell (Essex) to establish a trust fund for the education of his younger children.
He died 11 May 1847, aged 57, and was buried at Babraham.  His widow died in 1850, aged 44, and Francis Pym of The Hasells, Sandy (Beds) was appointed Guardian of the children not then of age.

Adeane, Robert Jones (1830-53) of Babraham Hall.  Eldest son of Henry John Adeane (1789-1847) and his second wife, the Hon. Matilda Abigail Stanley, daughter of 1st Baron Stanley of Alderley, born 9 September 1830.  Educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge (admitted 1849; BA 1852).  JP for Cambridgeshire, 1853.  He died unmarried and without issue.
He inherited the Babraham Hall estate from his father in 1847.
He died suddenly, 7 December 1853.

Adeane, Henry John (1833-70) of Babraham Hall.  Second son of Henry John Adeane (1789-1847) and his second wife, the Hon. Matilda Abigail Stanley, daughter of 1st Baron Stanley of Alderley, born 9 June 1833.  Major, Cambridgeshire Militia; DL, JP; Liberal MP for Cambridgeshire, 1857-65; Custos Rotulorum for Isle of Ely.  He married, 5 June 1860, Lady Elizabeth Philippa Yorke (d. 1936), eldest daughter of 4th Earl of Hardwicke of Wimpole Hall (Cambs) and had issue:
(1) Charles Robert Whorwood Adeane (1863-1943) (q.v.); 
(2) Marie Constance Adeane (d. 1934), maid of honour and Extra Woman of Bedchamber to Queen Victoria, m. 11 July 1891, Sir Bernard Mallet KCB (d. 1932), eldest son of Rt. Hon. Sir Louis Mallet PC CB and had issue; died 5 March 1934;
(3) Maud Adeane (d. 1943), m. 7 October 1895 John Cator MP of Woodbastwick (Norfolk) (d. 1944) and had issue; died 15 June 1943.
He inherited Babraham Hall from his elder brother in 1853, and extended and internally remodelled it in 1864.
He died 17 February 1870.  His widow married 2ndly, 16 July 1877, Michael Biddulph, 1st Baron Biddulph (1834-1923).

Adeane, Charles Robert Whorwood (1863-1943), of Babraham Hall.  Only son of Henry John Adeane (1833-70) and his wife Lady Elizabeth Philippa Yorke. daughter of 4th Earl of Hardwicke of Wimpole Hall, born 2 November 1863.  Educated at Eton & Christ Church, Oxford (matriculated 1884); served in 4th bttn, Suffolk Regiment, 1884-90; chairman of Cambridgeshire Territorial Forces Association from 1908; JP for Cambridgeshire; Vice-Chair of Cambridgeshire QS 1912-15; Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire, 1915-43; President of Royal Agricultural Society of England, 1917; President of Smithfield Club, 1918; awarded CB (1917), Order of St. Sava, Serbia and Order of Crown, Belgium; Hon. LLD, Cambridge Univ.  He married, 23 July 1888, Madeline Pamela Constance Blanche Wyndham (d. 1941), daughter of the Hon. Percy Scawen Wyndham and had issue:
(1) Pamela Marie Adeane (1889-1975), born 15 September 1889; m. 3 April 1919, the Hon. George William Lyttelton (d. 1962), son of 8th Viscount Cobham and had issue including the jazz musician and humourist, Humphry Lyttelton (1921-2008); died Oct-Dec. 1975;
(2) Sibell Eleanor Maud Adeane (1890-1980), born 17 September 1890; m.1, 5 December 1914, the Hon. Edward James Kay-Shuttleworth (d. 1917), son of 1st Baron Shuttleworth and had issue, and m.2, Rev. & Hon. Charles Frederick Lyttelton, rector of Cranleigh (Surrey), son of 8th Viscount Cobham, and had issue, and m.3, 27 September 1937, Sir Roger Thomas Baldwin Fulford (1902-83) of Barbon Manor (Lancs), son of Canon F.J. Fulford; died Oct-Dec 1980
(3) Madeline Mabel Ambrose Adeane (c.1894-1969), m. 25 October 1915 Capt. Denis Grey Wigan (d. 1958), son of Sir Frederick William Wigan, 2nd bt and had issue; lived at Loudham (Suffolk); died Jan-Mar 1969;
(4) Lettice Elisabeth Evelyn Adeane (1895-1970), born 29 July 1895; m. 25 February 1919, Capt. Geoffrey Russell Rees Colman of Framingham Chase (Norfolk) (d. 1935) and had issue; died Oct-Dec. 1970
(5) Charles Percy George Guy Adeane (b & d. 1899); 
(6) Helena Olivia Adeane (1902-85), born 8 October 1902; m1, 11 October 1922 (div. 1942), William Pleydell-Bouverie (1895-1968), 7th Earl of Radnor KG KCVO and had issue, and m2, 25 January 1943, Brig. Montacute William Worrall Selby-Lowndes DSO, son of Henry William Selby-Lowndes MFH of Elham (Kent); died Feb. 1985;
(7) Sir Robert Philip Wyndham Adeane (1905-79) (q.v.).
He inherited Babraham Hall from his father in 1870.
He died 11 February 1943 and his will was proved 2 July and 12 October 1943 (estate £95,904).  His wife died 31 July 1941.

Adeane, Col. Sir Robert Philip Wyndham (1905-79), kt., of Babraham Hall.  
Sir Robert Adeane
Only surviving son of Charles Robert Whorwood Adeane (1863-1943) and his wife Madeline Pamela Constance Blanche Wyndham, daughter of the Hon. Percy Scawen Wyndham, born 3 November 1905.  Educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge.  Farmer; served with Royal Artillery, 1938-43 (Col., 1943); appointed OBE 1943 and Knight Bachelor, 1961; JP for Cambridgeshire, 1934; chairman of Municipal Trust Co. Ltd and Consolidated Trust Ltd; trustee of Tate Gallery 1955-62 and founder of the Friends of the Tate Gallery.  He married 1st, 1 June 1929 (div. 1946), Joyce Violet, daughter of Rev. Cyril Frederick Parry Burnett, and 2nd, 24 January 1947, Kathleen Hamet (d. 1956), daughter of Sir James Hamet Dunn, 1st bt and formerly wife of Peter Higgins, and 3rd, 1971, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Cator, and had issue:

(1.1) Charles Raymond Wyndham Adeane (1930-64) (q.v.); 
(1.2) Philip John Adeane (b. 1933); born 11 January 1933; director of Costa Rica Railway;
(1.3) Lily Christine Adeane (b. 1936), m. 17 July 1963 John Robin Page-Blair, son of John Page-Blair of Palm Beach, Florida, USA and had issue one son and one daughter; 
(2.1) James Henry John Adeane (b. 1950); born 21 January 1950; married, 18 December 1980 at Saint Margaret's Westminster, Olinda Fehr, and had issue one son and one daughter
(2.2) Rosemary Poppy Adeane.
He inherited Babraham Hall from his father in 1943, but sold the hall with 450 acres to the Agricultural Research Council in 1948, retaining the rest of the estate, which he vested in a trust in 1973.  He lived at Quendon Hall (Essex) (1956-69) and 18 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, and also had a farm in Kent.
He died 21 May 1979, aged 73.  His is commemorated by a beautifully-lettered memorial tablet at Babraham church.

Adeane, Charles Raymond Wyndham (1930-64) of Babraham.  Eldest son of Col. Sir Robert Philip Wyndham Adeane (1905-79) and his first wife, Joyce Violet, daughter of Rev. Cyril Frederick Parry Burnett, born 30 March 1930.  Educated at Eton College and the Sorbonne.  He married, 23 January 1957, Denise Vivien (c.1931-2009), daughter of Thomas N. Cole of 47 Grosvenor Square, London W1 and 910 Fifth Avenue, New York and had issue:
(1) Henry Robert Thomas Adeane (b. 1957); born 28 September 1957; married 28 September 1983 Camilla Violet, daughter of Brig. Sir Jeffrey Lionel Darell, 8th bt. and had issue one son and one daughter; sold the family's remaining property at Babraham, 1982;
(2) Sarah Catherine Adeane (1959-89); born 18 December 1959; died 17 August 1989 at Srinagar, Kashmir;
(3) Elizabeth Wyndham Adeane (1961-2008); born 9 June 1961; educated at Dublin University (BA); married, 1985, Alejo L.E. Mayans Sallares (div.); lived latterly at Denton (Norfk), died of cancer, 12 December 2008; will proved 17 April 2009.
He lived on the Babraham estate.
Killed in an air accident, 29 February 1964. His widow died 12 July 2009.


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Where are their papers?

Adeane family of Babraham Hall: deeds and estate papers, 1745-1983 (Cambs RO R109)

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  1. Alice Adeane married Charles Peacock of Cumner: Charles Peacocke of Comner, Berks, Gent, Widr, and Mrs Alice A'Deane of the City of Oxford Spr, abt 22, at own disp., at Comner. (Vicar General Marriage Licence Allegations Vol.XXX p.218) Also will of Alice Peacock, proved 24 June 1715 PROB 11/546/388

    1. Many thanks for this. I have confirmed your information and added it to the post.

    2. Adeane, Charles Raymond Wyndham (1930-64) of Babraham. Killed in an air accident, 29 February 1964.This was the crash that killed many of the famous Manchester United team of the sixties.

    3. Sorry, but I think you are mistaken.
      The crash which killed 9 Manchester United players occurred at Munich on 6 February 1958. The aircraft was an Airspeed Ambassador. There were survivors.
      The crash which killed Charles Adeane occurred at Innsbruck on 29 February 1964. The aircraft was a Bristol Britannia. There were no survivors.

    4. My name is Carlos Cólogan from Teneriffe. In the past my family was friend and had business with Robert Jones and we have a complete letter archive with him. I am trying to find a portrait of the old Robert Jones (East India Company), can you help me?, Thanks for your blog. Very usefull. My email:

    5. Dear Carlos,

      I am afraid I have been unable to trace a portrait of Robert Jones. Nor is one mentioned in the account of his political career in the History of Parliament (, which may be of interest to you if you haven't seen it. Good luck with your quest!

    6. Thanks you very much for your help Nick. I will continue searching to find his portrait. I saw that wad page of the parliament.

  2. Robert Jones Adeane died of severe head injuries sustained in September 1852. His grandmother, Maria Josepha Stanley wrote to her daughter-in-law, Henrietta Maria, on 24 September: "Lord Hardwick took him to see a saw-mill, set it to work without the proper persons in attendance, the machinery broke loose, Lord H. received a violent blow in the chest and Robert was very much hurt by a piece of wood striking his face". Nancy Mitford says that it was a family legend that he had cut his own head off with a circular saw.
    Tom (whose grandmother was a Stanley)

  3. James Henry John Adeane married Olinda Fehr at Saint Margaret's Westminster on 18th December 1978. They had two children, Dorelia Daisy Adeane b. 1980, and Thomas James Hamet Adeane b. 1984

  4. Rev Thomas Erskine MA who married Emmeline Augusta Adeane was my 1st cousin 3x removed. I am a direct descendant of Thomas Erskine 1st Baron Of Restormel and his second wife Sarah Buck

  5. Re Charles Adeane (1930-64): at the time of his death in the Innsbruck air disaster ( he was the prospective Conservative candidate for the seat of Erith and Crayford. His Labour opponent Norman Dodds ( ) paid tribute to him saying "he was too nice a person to be a politician" - Adeane had supported Dodds in his efforts to improve the welfare of Kent Gipsies ( ). Dodds had been an MP since 1945, and had beaten Margaret Roberts (later, of course, Thatcher) in the General Elections of 1950 and 1951.

  6. Re "(3) Elizabeth Adeane (b. 1961); born 9 June 1961."

    Died 12 December 2008

    For more info:

    1. Thank you for that link. I have added appropriate details above.

  7. Lily Christine Adeane had a son Richard Page-Blair as well as a daughter, Emma.

  8. Hi, I am trying to trace a Modigliani portrait of a small girl with the name Little Lucienne that was in the collection of Sir Robert in the 50's and is actually at unknown location, do you have any idea when it was sold?

    1. I am afraid not, but have you tried the Courtauld Institute, who have extensive records of sales?

  9. Re: Isabella Adeane, Dau (3) of Robert Jones Adeane
    Correct name is Annabella Adeane,

    Married General Sir Francis Warde, 1832 according to
    There are minor discrepancies re: DOb and date of death, 1861 instead of 1864, but age is correct.

    Annabella died 28th January 1864, memorial in Penn Street, Bucks churchyard: photogrpah here: Also on

    1. Many thanks for these details, which I have been able to verify. Annabella actually seems to have been five years older than she admitted!

  10. does anyone know if the Adeane family had a scottish estate as I can recall my father talking of having worked there in the late fifties /early sixties?

  11. further to my previous query, my father moved the family from scotland down to essex and he then worked for lord and lady adeane at quendon hall which I remember very well. we used to play in the grounds of the hall and my father used to feed the reindeer.

  12. Jean Henrietta Adeane OBE (c.1843-1926. Researched the work of a distant relative, 'Madam Anne Owen of Penrhos' (formerly Anne Wynne of Bodewryd, Anglesey) - and compiled her notebook of recipes dating back to the mid 17th century. The recipes are still quoted today e.g. by Elizabeth David. Does the notebook still exist please?

  13. Yes it does, and is in the Penrhos papers, in the Bangor University archive.


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