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(27) Adam of Denmore

Thomas Adam (1842-1919), an Aberdeen shipowner, bought the Denmore estate north of the city from the Moir family in about 1885His son, Thomas Livingston Adam (1880-1959) inherited the family business but it seems not to have been in a flourishing and condition and was liquidated in 1920.  Despite this, T.L. Adam was able to remodel the house in c.1920 to the designs of Alexander George Robertson Mackenzie (1879-1963) of Aberdeen, who was his brother-in-law.  At his death the estate passed to his only son, Maj. Thomas Adam (1914-85), who sold it in 1972 to Salvesons Ltd.  The house was demolished in 1979 and the estate is now occupied partly by residential development and partly by an industrial estate; a lake  and some of the grounds survive as amenity land for the residential estate.  The family seem not to have been armigerous.

Denmore, Bridge of Don, Aberdeenshire

The two and a half storey, seven bay house was built as a hunting lodge for the 4th Duke of Gordon in 1790 and extended for George Charles Moir in the mid 19th century by the addition of lower wings.  The grounds were laid out by James Forbes Beattie c.1873 and a rustic porch was added to the design of Pirie & Clyne of Aberdeen in 1881.  
Denmore: watercolour of the entrance front in 1898. © RCAHMS

The house was again remodelled c.1920 by Alexander George Robertson Mackenzie (1879-1963) of Aberdeen, who was the brother-in-law of the owner.  

Denmore: entrance front in disrepair in 1977. © RCAHMS

Denmore: side elevation in disrepair in 1977.  © RCAHMS
The house was demolished in 1979 and the estate is now occupied partly by residential development and partly by an industrial estate; a lake and some of the grounds survive as amenity land for the residential estate.

Descent:  Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon (1743-1827); to son, George Gordon, 5th Duke of Gordon (1770-1836), who sold c.1828 to George Charles Moir (1771-1851); to widow, Mary Agnes Moir (née Bruce) (1803-82); sold to Thomas Adam (1842-1919); to son, Thomas Livingston Adam (1880-1959); to son, Maj. Thomas Adam (1914-85), who sold 1972 to Salvesons Ltd., who demolished the house in 1979

The Adams of Denmore

Thomas Adam (1842-1919) of Denmore.  Son of Thomas Adam (1806-93) of Eden and his wife Mary, daughter of Richard Birnie of Banff; born 21 May 1842.  Shipowner of Aberdeen.  He married 28 November 1872, Elizabeth Livingston (b. 1853), daughter of Lachlan McKinnon and had issue:
(1) Mary Livingston Adam (1873-1957), m.1, 1903, Arnold James Henderson (1876-1913) of Glasgow, shipbuilder and had issue, and m.2, 1930, Harold Bevington Foster (d. 1936) of London;
(2) Ethel Margaret Adam (1875-1942), m. 1896, Charles Morrison Patullo (d. 1922) and had issue;
(3) Frances Elizabeth Adam (1878-1980), m. William Dalzell Davidson of Daldavie, Pitfodels (Aberdeenshire) and had issue;
(4) Thomas Livingston Adam (1880-1959) (q.v.);
(5) Marjorie Blaikie Adam (1885-1976), m. Maj. James A. Crombie MC (d. 1931) and had issue.
He purchased the Denmore estate in about 1885.
He died 4 July 1919.  Will proved 15 October 1919.

Thomas Livingston Adam (1880-1959) of Denmore.  Only son of Thomas Adam (1842-1919) and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Lachlan McKinnon; born 15 January 1880.  Educated at Rugby School.  Shipowner of Aberdeen.  He married 28 September 1910 Pheobe, daughter of Alexander Marshall Mackenzie LLD RSA of Aberdeen, architect, and had issue:
(1) Pheobe Livingston Adam (1911-82), m.1, 1934, Capt. R.E. de Salis Pirrie (d. 1948), son of Col. F.W. Pirrie and had issue, and m.2, 1948 Roger (d. 1982), son of Frank Hawkins of Clifton, Bristol and had further issue;
(2) Maj. Thomas Adam (1914-85) (q.v.);
(3) Susan Adam (b. 1916), m. 1945 Lt. J.K.T. Smithells RN, son of A.K. Smithells of Camberley and had issue;
(4) Alexander Chivas Gilbert Adam (b. 1919), m. 1947 Noreen Mary, daughter of Thomas Raleigh Gibbs of Kildordi, Nakuru (Kenya) and had issue.
He inherited the Denmore estate from his father in 1919.
He died 6 June 1959.

Maj. Thomas Adam (1914-85) of Denmore.  Elder son of Thomas Livingston Adam (1880-1959) and his wife Pheobe, daughter of Alexander Marshall Mackenzie of Aberdeen, born 20 May 1914.  Educated at Rugby School and Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.  Served in Gordon Highlanders (Major).  He married 10 June 1939 Ann Patricia (d. 1999), daughter of Harry Roy Holcroft of Sonning (Berks) and had issue:
(1) Thomas Robertson Holcroft Adam (1940-2016), m. 1968 Antonella, daughter of Rear-Adm. Vittorio Patrelli-Campagnano, Italian Defence and Naval Attaché, and had issue two sons and one daughter; died in Rome, January 2016;
(2) Sarah Olivia Valentine Adam (1943-97), m. 1963 (div.), (Anthony) Jeremy, elder son of Col. Anthony Arthur Keith Rugge-Price CBE and had issue two sons and one daughter.
He inherited the Denmore estate from his father in 1959, but sold it in 1972.
He died 31 May 1985.


Burke's Landed Gentry, successive editions; http://www.denmorepark.org/history.php.

Where are their papers?

Adam family of Denmore: no significant archive is known to survive.


  1. I have tried to oblige the above but seemingly failed to, so am having another go. Thomas of Eden, a successful banker and businessman fom Banff bought the estate of EDEN from the Duke of Fyfe. However it was sad to see Denmore in its terminal state and its condition was noted by others at the time alas to no avail. Thomas Adam of Denmore 5th (nominal)

    TA, nominal 5th

    1. Our ancestor, Thomas Adam who owned Denmore also had property called Eden estate with a ruined castle on the property. We have photos of his country home on that estate which was sold and is now still in use. The property on "Millionaire's Row" in Banff still exists and was also sold when Thomas died. We wonder if any family members of the Simpson distillery are still living in the area.

  2. Interested to note this history. Disappointed that it has "trailed away" I have established that I am related to Thomas Adam of Eden. He certainly was a successful entrepreneur. His father was a shoemaker , Bridge Street , Banff ( buried in Old Kirkyard Banff)and his mother was sister to my Great Great Great Grandfather John Scott , Main Tenant at Byres Farm , Bellie( Fochabers Speyside). Byres was the home farm for the Duke of Gordon's Fochabers estates. The Scotts were main Tenants at Byres for several generations till the early 20th century. And their family is mainly interred at Bellie Charchyard. The most famous Scott was John's Brother William also a Shipowner , sometime Provost of Banff and business colleague of Thomas Adam.
    I visited "Lochside" in Aberdeen this weekend. All that remains in this very attractive housing estate is the loch/Lake and small building which appears to be a courtyard/walled garden entranceto the main House
    Nicol Kindness Macduff/Aberdeen

    1. My husband is a descendant of Thomas Adam and Mary Birnie (illegit daughter of Duke of Gordon). Do you know the connection to the Crombie family in Scotland? Also the family tree includes Gill family, ancestors of prince William. Let me know how you are linked to the Adam of Denmore family.

  3. As I believe it - My Gt Gt Gt Grandfather was John Scott 1777-1841. Main tenant at Byres Farm. My Gt Gt Grandmother Ann 1814-1898 (married Andrew Kindness) was his 2nd born daughter to him and his first wife Elspet Kesack dod1822 ( 6 Children). John then married Emily Davidson and had a further 10 children. John's sister Jean Scott married William Adam, Shoemaker Banff and their first born was Thomas Adam (married Mary Birnie) . Ann was therefore cousin to Thomas. and I believe Denmore House belonged to his son Thomas?
    I am aware of the Crombie connection and the connection to Shand Kydd ( Princess Di) but not the Gill Family. It is also interesting to note that Mary Birnie ( I have born Banff 1806) was Duke of Gordon's child.I found that her Father was John Richard Birnie and mother Helen Gordon - I assume this is wrong given your comment.
    If we can exchange further data I would be delighted

    1. The dau of Kitty and James Crombie, Jane, married Littlejohn and their dau Ruth married Wm Gill; their dau Ruth Sylvia married Baron Fermoy, last name was Burke Roche and they had a dau named Frances, princess Diana's mom. Mary Birnie born 1806 is a direct ancestor of my husband; she had parents you named (Birnie/Gordon) but was illegitimate and perhaps adopted. The mother is unknown but supposedly, Mary Birnie's biological father was the Duke of Gordon and she was raised in one of the castles, Huntley, I believe. Let me know if you have more details. My husband's great grandfather was John Harry Clayton, son of John Clayton, MD in Banff and he married Mary Birnie Adam. Thanks for your reply!

    2. Some more info - mainly from Banff old churchyard and the "Book of Banff"
      ID: I15284 Name: John CLAYTON Given Name: John Surname: Clayton Suffix: -genl medic pract -MRCSEng Title: -genl medic pract -MRCSEng Sex: M Birth: 19 DEC 1818 Death: 1 SEP 1879 in Banffshire. Scotland Note:
      Banff Kirkyard

      Erected in memory of John Clayton, M.A., M.R.C.S.E., son of John Clayton and Ann Ogilvie, born on 19th December, 1818, died 1st September, 1879, for forty years Practising Physician in Banff : and of Mary Abercromby Adam, his wife, daughter of Thomas Adam and Mary Birnie, born on 29th October, 1832, died on 5th August, 1892: and of their infant son Charles George, born on 3rd October, 1860, died on 22nd September,1861:all interred here. Also in memory of their daughter Annie Josephine, born on 27th June, 1857, died on 21st April, 1875, interred in Leipzig, Germany. Here also are interred the remains of Jane Smith, wife of Joseph Cleton or Clayton : of John Clayton, their son, and of Ann Ogilvie, his wife.

      October 18. 1863 Annals of Banff - Compiled William Cramond
      Mr. James Hunter, rector, formerly member of the Kirk Session of Bothwell, admitted as elder. The following ordained as elders : - Thomas Adam, bank agent and shipowner ; John Clayton, surgeon ; William Coutts, solicitor and bank agent ; George Cumming, writer; Robert Duncan, provost of Banff; John Forbes, solicitor and bank agent ; James Longmore, farmer at Hilton ; William Munro, moulder at Banff Foundry ; William Raeburn, seedsman ; John Stevenson, blacksmith at Banff Foundry.

  4. Thanks for your reply. I confirm that Mary Birnie was born in 1806 but was probably adopted by Richard Birnie and Helen Gordon. However she was illegitimate and her biological father was supposedly the Duke of Gordon, but her mother is unknown (perhaps a servant at Huntley Castle?) My mother in law claimed her great, great, grandmother was raised in Huntley Castle owned by the Gordons. Is it a coincidence that Mary Birnie's adoptive mother's name was also Gordon? Mary Birnie married Thomas Adam and had a large family as you know. Through the various marriages, the Adam descendants married into the Crombie family. Also the Crombie connection to Princess Diana is through her mother who was Frances Burke Roche. The 8 children of Kitty and James Crombie included Jane who married Littlejohn and their dau, Ruth married WM Gill (paint and wallpaper co similar to Shand Kidd); their dau Ruth Sylvia married Burke Roche, the Baron of Fermoy and their dau is Frances, Diana's mother. There are three connections through marriage between the Crombie and Thomas Adam families, My husband is not a direct descendant of the Crombie family but is a direct descendant of Thomas Adam of Eden. It's fascinating to discover these connections.

  5. I am the grandaughter of Susan Adam quoted above. She had 3 children, my father being the youngest. There is a family plot at St Machar Cathedral dating back to Thomas Adam of Denmore, with my grandmothers plaque being the latest and final addition in 2011. My Father spent his summer holidays growing up in Denmore and has very fond memories. I believe he and a few other members of the family have done a fair amount of research into the Family History and have even published diaries written by (I believe) Major Thomas Adam during the first world war. I am sure my father would be happy to share details of his research if anyone was interested. Thanks, Sophie

    1. We would appreciate any info and memoir details of Maj. Thomas Adam. Ron is a direct descendant of the original Thomas Adam of Denmore. Just got news that Thomas Holcroft Adam died in Rome, age 75; he was the son of the last Adam who lived in Denmore. He married Antonella in 1968, the daughter of an Italian admiral. Our family is trying to research descendants and history of the Adam, Simpson, Ogilvie and Clayton family, all interconnected in Banff Scotland for several generations.

    2. We would like to know more about Susan Adam. Is she related to the last of the Thomas Adams? Sarah Olivia Valentine Adam was the last of the family to live in Denmore and her son recently died in Rome but he also had descendants, a son and daughter.

    3. I have made an error with reference to Thomas Holcroft Adam's family relationship. He died this January in Rome. He was the brother of Sarah Olivia Valentine and son of Maj. Thomas Adam. Any info regarding this branch of the family would be most welcome. Few details of Thomas' death are available but obituary was published in the Daily Telegraph paper in Peterborough UK according to my best source.

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    5. Susan Adam/Smithells must have been Maj. Thomas Adam's sister and her son (Sophie's dad?)would be the cousin of Thomas Holcroft Adam (the Major's son) who recently died in Rome. Therefore Sophie, you are second cousin with Federico Adam and
      two other sybs who must live in Italy. Can you confirm this? Are you in contact with the Simpson family who owned a distillery for many years? Ron's mother made contact many years ago while on a visit to the Banff area and referred to Doris Simpson as a cousin.

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    7. As to your request for further information on the Son of Maj Thomas Adam. I am Rupert Adam, the youngest son of Thomas Robertson Holcroft Adam who passed away early this year. If I can help, I am happy to oblige.

    8. I am so very sorry to bother you. I grew up on the Denmore estate leaving 2/11/72. My mother worked for Mrs Adams and my father (when not doing his full time job), worked for Major Adams, usually trimming the ivy, fixing the ram and cleaning his cars. We stayed at the Garage Denmore (thankfully I have many pictures from that time) and I remember fondly watching the moon landings at the 'big hoose' and also getting the occasional trip in a Daimler to Denmore school. I have no photos of the 'big hoose' but remember these times vividly and since my father passed earlier this year I am yearning for some pictures of how I remember it.

    9. Hello there. Unfortunately I have little to offer you. I assume you have seen the pictures at the beginning of this set of articles. Perhaps some of the other correspondents can help.
      The sit of the house is now a fully developed housing estate. All that is left is the ornamental lake and a small garden building
      My input is more from Banff where Thomas Adam of Eden was my Gt grandmothers cousin
      I wish you luck in your research and it would be great if you can share your findings on this site as you progress

    10. We were saddened at the news of your father's recent passing,but it is a comfort to know that the old family name endures and what an amazing family history has unfolded. We would like to know what the italian connection is. Ron is a descendant of the original Thomas Adam who married Mary Ann Birnie; I, his wife, have roots in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. Your aunt was Sarah Olivia Valentine who married Anthony Rugge-Price? Sarah would be a cousin of Ron's mother whose maiden name was Clayton; she was the grandaughter of Dr. John Clayton and Mary Abercrombie (dau. of Mary Birnie and Thomas Adam). If our research is correct, Mary Abercrombie was the sister of Thomas Adam, the 2nd. and he was your 3x great grandfather. If you wish to confirm this, we would be most thankful.

    11. Hello,
      Would you have info to help us find the research and published diaries written by Maj. Adam? I am a direct descendant of Thomas Adam and Mary Abercrombie Birnie and am trying to create a family tree to pass on in the family. Thankyou.

    12. We would appreciate any communication re Thomas Adam's (Banff, Scotland) family tree, especially from Rupert Adam, son of the late and last Thomas Adam of Denmore who apparently had begun an ancestry "map" that was incomplete at the time of his death. Also interested in descendants of this family with surname of Simpson (distillery), Clayton, Abercrombie, and Ogilvie. Thanks so much.

  6. Hello Sophie - I would be delighted and excited to receive ( and perhaps add to ) your family research. I am currently trying to establish the burial site for Thomas Adam of Eden ( TA of Denmore's father ) . His burial party travelled by special train to Banff Station. But I do not believe his resting place is with his parents and siblings at the old Banff cemetary.
    What is the best way for us to establish contact. ?

    1. Dear Sophie and Nicol,

      If you both use the contact form on the right-hand side of this webpage to send me your email addresses, I'll happily put you in touch with one another.

      Nick Kingsley

    2. We have heard that his burial plot is in the new graveyard but we have a photo showing an old gravestone along with several others in the Adam and Clayton families in Banff.

    3. You are a blogger and research historical sites in UK. We are searching for more photos of Denmore and the Thomas Adam family, if you can help. This family grew and connected to James Simpson of the distillery fame in Banff area; we are directly descended from Birnie/Adam ancestors.Thankyou.

  7. Eden castle consists of 3 remaining walls and has not been inhabited for a few hundred years. Eden estate and Eden house are just outside Macduff. I have visited recently but did not knock at the door. I also have visited outside of 3 Aberdeen homes belonging to Thomas Adam, Thomas Adam of Denmore and also his son Thomas Livingstone Adam. These substantial properties are now Commercial offices, Solicitors office and private nursing home. Thomas Livingstone Adam born 1880 was appointed official liquidator of the family steamship company Adam and Co in the 1920's. Per Aberdeen Maritime museum , Adam and co held significant shares of several trading steamships in the late 1800's
    He married Phebe Mackenzie and had 4 children - Susan born 1916
    The Simpsons as well as owning Banff distillery owned Colleonard estate in Banff.This is situated on the outskirts of Banff, next to the new graveyard. It would have been of significant size. The main farmhouse still exists although I do not know who lives there
    I am still researching this Simpson connection Harriet Adam married James Simpson 1859
    The distillery was sold in the late 1800's and the Simpson company went into liquidation in the 1920's. The distillery was bombed by the Germans in WW2. The whisky flowed into the distillery stream and the cows were reported to be drunk for a week. In the 1970/80's the distillery closed and following a fire was demolished
    All this activity took place around Banff and Macduff and the River Deveron. My research continues to try to build on what I know . I still have to knock on a few doors

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    2. Hello some snippets
      1,3 and 5 High Street Banff were built in early 1700’s . They are still private residences today.
      They are all fine old Georgian houses – they were billeted in 1746 by Duke of Cumberland’s soldiers – King George’s army (Duke of C) had chased out the Jacobites and occupied Banff and rested prior to marching to Culloden and defeating Bonnie Prince Charlie.
      No 5 was the town house of Lord Banff (of Forglen) family name Ogilvy. This title died out in the early 1800’s when last of line died.
      No 3 per my findings was the residence for Dr Clayton – evidenced per his will and the 1871 Census. (Had they also occupied No 5)
      No 3 is now a holiday home and you can access it + many pictures at www.tripadvisor.co.uk. Search for No 3 which is now also called 'Evelyn House , Banff' in the Aberdeenshire section of property lettings.

      William Adam was a shoemaker at 2 Bridge Street, Banff. Thomas and brothers and sisters would have been born there. William Scott (Thomas’ uncle) also was a shoemaker there until he married into money . I assume the Scott’s then occupied the upper property . William Scott then went on to be a ship owner and merchant and sometime provost ( mayor) of Banff. This was the same for Thomas Adam.
      I have a picture of this house also but do not know how to get it to you

      I also have a copy of a portrait of Thomas Adam – entitled ‘Thomas Adam , Provost of Banff 1859-1860 and 1863-1867’. It is held in the Aberdeenshire museum archives in Mintlaw it is not available to the public and I do not know why the Council has it. You can search and see it in the site www.BBC.co.uk/arts/yourpaintings/Artist. Search for Artist Marjorie Evans 1850-1907 or the title above


    3. greetings and thanks again for your recent communication. You seem to be finding details that are beginning to make sense of the family's history. I am a little disappointed that Sophie has not responded yet since she is a direct link and has first hand knowledge of the Adam family. It's very interesting that the High St. address of Dr. Clayton is linked to the Ogilvie name. Ron's mother and grandmother spoke of his wife as the former Anne Ogilvie of Airlie, so the relationship has been established; however if the Ogilvie family name has died out, there is more difficulty in researching and finding descendants if there are any! Ron and I have been curious about this side of the family but have reached a dead end. When Ron's mom died 15 years ago we removed the Airlie house sign from the New Brunswick property which was sold.We have that sign here in our Ontario residence.I have seen a portrait of Thomas Adam sent via gmail by a source in the UK. The Evelyn House sounds like a boutique hotel or perhaps a b&b. When Ron and I eventually travel to Banff we will most certainly look into staying there, coming full circle! Thankyou tripadvisor.ca. We really appreciate your keeping us informed, Nicole.

      Cheers, Louise and Ron

    4. Whilst I am happy to continue to host this conversation here it strikes me that it really might be easier if you were put in direct communication with each other. If Louise and Ron Morissey and Sophie Smithills were to send me contact emails as Nicol Kindness has already done I should be happy to pass these on so you can talk to one another directly.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I will visit the new Banff graveyard at Colleonard Road ( yes next to the Simpson's farm. Possibly land sold by the Simpsons to the Banff Town council)
    The old gravestones will be William Adam and Claytons in the Carmalite Cemetary close to Banff town centre. The listing of legible graves of this cemetery are available on the internet


    1. Just came across more info regarding the Smithell ancestry which is quite amazing. There are certainly a few very distinguished members in that family. In other news, the picture of Dr. Clayton's home on High St. matches the photo I have from Ron's mum taken in the 1980's. I recently found some old postcards from 1932 which connect to the Clayton and Bert families in Auxerre, mainly photos of Paul Bert's statues in his honour. Finally, we sent Nick permission to give you contact info if you wish to communicate more directly from across the pond. L and R

  9. Wondering if Macduff is on the Deveron River near Forglen estate which was the residence of the Ogilvie and Abercrombie families for many many years. It is a private residence now but apparently tourists can rent a cottage on the estate. Ron's great grandmother was a direct descendant of these families. For this reason the name of Abercrombie has been passed down to the descendants who married into the Thomas Adam family. Lord Banff's family name was Ogilvie and the Claytons referred to their Canadian home as Airlie. This info links to the properties on High St. Banff once owned and occupied by Lord Banff and his in law, John Clayton. However there is no further info regarding the Ann Ogilvie who married into the Clayton family.If any bloggers know how exactly Ann was related to Lord Banff, please communicate the details. L and R

  10. I have now visited the Banff Graveyards. St Mary's holds the William Adam gravestone , centre East, and is in very good legible condition. There are 4 gravestones for Claytons/Cleton together nearby the West side of the graveyard. Per the literature available from the Banff Preservation society I found no further references to Adam nor Clayton in this old graveyard.But I did find a Simpson Stone which included the 1st wife of James Simpson Colleonard, Janet Morrison 1827/28-1857
    I then visited the newer (Colleonard) and current Banff cemetary. The more distinguished family graves containing solicitors , teachers, and prominent businessmen are along the west wall. The Adam grave consists of a 4 sided obelisk approx 12-14 feet high. ( It is currently the tallest in the graveyard) . Ornate wrought iron railings approx 2 feet high are to the right and left of the 3 lair site but the front gates are no longer there. There are inscriptions on the front and both sides. The front is for Thomas and Mary 's youngest daughter Margaret Pirie Adam died aged 21 then Mary and Thomas. The inscriptions give only names and dates and do not mention any other historical information
    Right Panel , Charlotte died aged 92 at Belhelvie Lodge
    Left Panel - Williamina died at Bowiebank aged 41 and Jane aged 89 plus Captain William Goodchild Dixon died aged 70 and Herbert Scott Dixon died aged 83
    About 100 feet to the South of tha Adam stone on the same Westerly wall is located the Simpson of Colleonard triple lair consisting of a large triple gray granite stone with 3 subscription panels. It is an enclosed wrought iron enclosure including double gates at the front . Here lies James Simpson died London aged 60 , his 2nd wife Harriet Adam died Colleonard aged 60. Plus several members of James Simpson's 2 families
    Onward to St Machar Cathedral where I anticipate to find Thomas Adam of Denmore

    1. Just wondering about the relationship between Ann Ogilvie (whose son was Dr. John Clayton) and the Abercrombie and Ogilvie families. We were told by Jane Spencer Clayton Morissey, the doctor's grandaughter, that Ann Ogilvie was related to the Earl of Airlie but we do not know the details. On one ancestry website there is a record of several generations of daughters born to the Abercrombie/Ogilvie families but no names were given. If anyone knows more accurate info, we would appreciate learning about it. Nick Kingsley has permission to give our email address to interested parties. Since Dr. Clayton (married to Mary Abercrombie Adam, dau. of Thomas Adam) is the son of Ann Ogilvie and lived in/owned the High St. address once owned by the Ogilvie family, it makes sense that he was related to the family. How Mary Adam also had the middle name of Abercrombie is a mystery. Any new info to shed light on this subject would be most welcome. R and L.

    2. We are still hoping for some communication from Sophie Smithells regarding her father's and grandfather's memoirs of Denmore near Banff Scotland. If published, how are they accessible?


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