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(88) Alington of Swinhope House

Alington of Swinhope
Hugh Alington (d. 1617) and his younger brother George (c.1550/1-1632/3), two of the sons of George Alington of Rushford (Norfolk) and grandsons of Sir Giles Alington (1483-1521), bought the manor of Swinhope (Lincs) from the Carsey family in 1577.  When Hugh died without issue in 1617 his share of the manor and other property in Lindsey passed to George, and at his own death devolved on his great-nephew, Henry Alington (c.1605-62).  Henry also inherited Hugh's lands in Holland through his father, Metcalfe Alington (1575-1631), and himself acquired property at Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire.  At his death these estates were divided between his two sons, the elder, Hugh (c.1635-74), receiving the majority of the Lincolnshire property and the younger, Henry (c.1636-90), Swinhope and the Hertfordshire estate.

Hugh Alington (d. 1674) left only one surviving child, Barbara (1672/3-1750), the wife first of Richard Pye and later of Peter Persehouse. Although she left a surviving son by both her marriages, her Lincolnshire property descended in the female line to her daughter, Sarah Turton (b. 1689), granddaughter, Sarah Rowe (d. 1805) and great-granddaughter, Sarah Rowe (d. 1828).  The last-named died unmarried and without issue and bequeathed her Lincolnshire estate back to the main line of the family, then represented by Rev. Marmaduke Alington (1760-1840), together with an estate at Bosbury (Herefordshire) which went to Alington's second son, on the condition that he adopted the surname Pye.

Henry Alington (d. 1690) again divided his estates between his two eldest surviving sons. His Lincolnshire property, chiefly Swinhope, went to his elder son, Marmaduke (1671-1749), who died unmarried.  The Hertfordshire property went to next son, William (1674-1731), who lived at Edmonton (Middx). The estates of both men ultimately passed to Henry's younger son, Rev. Henry Alington (1718-81), who was rector of Aston (Herts) as well as of Swinhope and Stenigot (Lincs).  His elder son, Rev. Marmaduke Alington (1760-1840) inherited the Lincolnshire property of Sarah Rowe, and was responsible for building the present Swinhope House in 1785.

The substantial Lincolnshire and Hertfordshire property of Rev. Marmaduke Alington passed to his son, George Marmaduke Alington (1798-1890), who during the course of his long life seems to have sold the Hertfordshire estate.  Swinhope Hall and the remaining land passed in turn to two of his sons, the Rev. Cyril Argentine Alington (1828-99) and Admiral Arthur Hildebrand Alington (1839-1925), and to the Admiral's son, Arthur Cyril Marmaduke Alington (1872-1930) and grandson, Wing-Commander Marmaduke William James Alington (1906-69).  The Wing-Commander sold the Hall during the Second World War, but his younger brother, (Cyril) Geoffrey Marmaduke Alington (1914-87) repurchased it after 1964 when he retired from a successful career as a test pilot.

Swinhope House, Lincolnshire

Swinhope House.  Image: Richard Croft. Licenced under this Creative Commons licence.

An elegant but plain five bay late Georgian classical house of white stock brick, built in 1785 for Rev. Marmaduke Alington, with pedimented centrepieces on two fronts.  The house stands in a good position on a terrace looking south over a lake to the church.

Descent: sold 1577 to Hugh Alington (d. 1617) and George Alington (d. 1633); to great-nephew, Henry Alington (d. 1662); to son, Hugh Alington (fl. 17th cent.); to daughter Barbara, wife of Richard Pye; to granddaughter, Sarah Turton, wife of Charles Rowe; to daughter, Sarah Rowe; to Rev. Marmaduke Alington (1760-1840); to son, George Marmaduke Alington (1798-1890); to son, Rev. Charles Argentine Alington (1828-99); to brother, Adm. Arthur Hildebrand Alington (1839-1925); to son, Lt-Col. Arthur Cyril Marmaduke Alington (1872-1930); to son, Wing-Cmdr. (Marmaduke) William James Alington (1906-69), who sold during 1940s...sold to (Cyril) Geoffrey (Marmaduke) Alington (1914-87)

Alington family of Swinhope

Alington, George (c.1503-58), of Rushford (Norfolk).  Younger son of Sir Giles Alington (1483-1521) of Horseheath Hall and his wife Mary, daughter and heir of Sir Richard Gardiner, Lord Mayor of London in 1478, born about 1503.  He married Anne (d. 1557), daughter of Peter Cheeke and sister of Sir John Cheeke, kt., and had issue:
(1) Hugh Alington (d. 1617); lawyer and Registrar of the Court of Requests; married c.1580, Elizabeth (c.1525-1610/11), daughter of Richard Cecil and sister of William Cecil, Lord Burghley, and widow of Sir Robert Wingfield (d. 1580), kt., but died without issue, 31 December 1617; will proved 1 October 1618;
(2) Mary Alington (d. c.1618) of Northolme by Wainfleet (Lincs); married [forename unknown] Reade of Ringstead (Norfolk) and had issue one son and one daughter; letters of administration granted 19 March 1618/9;
(3) Giles Alington (d. 1580), of Rushford; lawyer and Treasurer of Lyons Inn, London; died 8 November 1580 in London; will proved 8 May 1581;
(4) Richard Alington (d. 1579), of Rushford; died 9 April 1579;
(5) Henry Alington of London (d. 1601) (q.v.);
(6) Jane Alington, of Rushford; married Thomas Belman of France, tutor to King Edward VI and had issue a daughter;
(7) John Alington (d. before 1616) of Lewisham (Kent); draper of London; married 1st, 18 December 1581, Alice (c.1563-1606), daughter of Richard Elkin and had issue three sons and two daughters; married 2nd, Catherine [surname unknown] (fl. 1606) and 3rd, Mary [surname unknown] (fl. 1616); died before 2 October 1616;
(8) Alice Alington (d. 1611); married, before 2 November 1580, Christopher Swinscoe (d. before 1606) of Peterborough and had issue a daughter; died 20 and was buried 24 January 1611 in Peterborough Cathedral;
(9) Susan Alington (d. after 1619); married William Methwold (d. 1586) and had issue four sons and five daughters;
(10) George Alington (c.1550/1-1632/3) (q.v.).
He died 25 September 1558.  His wife died 25 November 1557.

Alington, George (c.1550/1-1632/3), of Swinhope. Youngest son of George Alington (d. 1558) of Rushford (Norfolk) and his wife Anne, daughter of Peter Cheeke, born about 1550/51.  He married Jane (d. 1612), daughter of Thomas Morrison of Cadeby (Lincs) and had issue:
(1) Elizabeth Alington (1588-89), baptised 11 August and buried 5 September 1589;
(2) Hugh Alington (d. after 1616) of Swinhope; died unmarried and without issue;
(3) Jean Alington (d. 1589); died in infancy; buried 5 September 1589;
(4) Charles Alington (1592-c.1615), of London; married 21 May 1612 at Tinwell (Rutland), Elizabeth, daughter of Adam Claypole of Northborough (Northants) (who married 2nd, 7 November 1616, John Durning of Stifford (Essex)) but had no issue;
(5) George Alington (c.1594-1621), married 28 April 1617 at Gainsborough (Lincs), Elizabeth Hickman (b. 1598) of Richmond (Surrey) and had issue one son and one daughter who both died young; buried 11 February 1621 at Richmond.
He and his brother Hugh purchased the manor of Swinhope in 1577.  He inherited his brother's share and other lands in Lindsey in 1617.  At his death he had extensive property in Lincolnshire which was left to his great-nephew, Henry Alington (c.1605-62).
He died 16 February 1632/33, aged 82.  His wife died 15 and was buried 26 February 1612 at St Botolph Aldersgate, London.

Alington, Henry (d. 1601), of London.  Fourth son of George Alington (d. 1558) of Rushford (Norfolk) and his wife Anne, daughter of Peter Cheeke.  He was a master skinner in London.  He married, 2 January 1573/74, Anne (c.1543-96), daughter of Thomas Metcalfe, goldsmith, of London and widow of Richard Elkin of London, skinner, and had issue:
(1) Metcalfe Alington (1575-1631) (q.v.).
He died 20 January 1601 and was buried at Tinwell (Rutland). His wife died 27 January 1595/6.

Alington, Metcalfe (1575-1631) of Hoxton (Middx).  Only son of Henry Alington of London and his wife Anne, daughter of Thomas Metcalfe of London and widow of Richard Elkin, baptised 30 October 1575.  He married, 30 November 1604, Katherine (fl. 1632), daughter and heiress of Abraham Kitson of London, and had issue:
(1) Henry Alington (c.1605-62) (q.v.);
(2) Elizabeth Alington (b. 1608; fl. 1632), baptised 25 February 1608; married 28 May 1629, Martin Stewart;
(3) George Alington (b. 1609; fl. 1632), baptised 21 December 1609;
(4) John Alington (b. 1611), baptised 3 September 1611;
(5) Anne Alington, of Hoxton;
(6) Judith Alington (fl. 1662), of Hoxton;
(7) Jane Alington (b. 1615; fl. 1662), baptised 20 January 1615;
(8) Margaret Alington (b. 1621; fl. 1632), baptised 24 September 1621.
He inherited the lands of his uncle Hugh in Holland (Lincs) in 1617.
He died 31 December 1631 and an inquisition post mortem was taken 1 March 1631/2.  His wife's date of death is unknown.

Alington, Henry (c.1605-62), of Swinhope and Hoddesdon (Herts).  Only son of Metcalfe Alington (1575-1631) and his wife Katherine, daughter of Abraham Kitson. Educated at Grays Inn (admitted 1628). He married 1st, 30 April 1633, Penelope (1611-44), eldest daughter of Sir Maximilian Dalyson, kt. of Halling (Kent), and 2nd, Mary Beale (c.1633-before 1684) and had issue:
(1.1) Hugh Alington (c.1635-74) of Stenigot (q.v.)
(1.2) Henry Alington (c.1636-90) of Aston (q.v.);
(1.3) Penelope Alington (b. 1639), baptised 16 August 1639; died after 23 November 1643.
He inherited the Swinhope estate from his great-uncle, George Alington in 1632/33; at his death his property was divided between his two sons.
He died 28 December 1662, aged 59; his will was proved 30 December 1662.  His first wife was buried 10 January 1644/5 in St. James, Clerkenwell, London.  His widow married 2nd, about 16 May 1668, John Hobbey of Stepney (Middx), merchant, and died before 2 May 1684.

Alington, Hugh (c.1635-74), of Stenigot (Lincs).  Elder son of Henry Alington (d. 1662) and his first wife, Penelope, daughter of Sir Maximilian Dalyson of Halling (Kent), born about 1635.  He married 1st, Ann (1642-62), daughter and heir of Francis Thorndike of Scamblesby (Lincs)  and 2nd, about 26 June 1671, Jane (1645-1726), daughter of Sir Martin Lister, kt. of Burwell, had issue:
(1.1) Anne Alington (d. 1681); buried at Burwell (Lincs), 21 January 1681/2; will proved 21 January 1681/2;
(2.1) Barbara Alington (b. c.1672/3) (q.v.);
(2.2) Hugh Alington; died young and was buried at Burwell.
He inherited his father's Lincolnshire property in 1662.
He died 3 June 1674, aged 39 and was buried at Burwell (Lincs), 6 June 1674; his will was proved at Lincoln, 11 May 1675.  His widow married 2nd, John Thynne (d. 1698) and died in 1726.

Persehouse (née Alington then Pye), Barbara (c.1672/3-1750).  Only surviving child of Hugh Alington (c.1635-74) and his second wife, Jane, daughter of Sir Martin Lister, kt., of Burwell.  She married 1st, 28 February 1687/8, aged 15, Richard Pye (c.1663/4-before 1701) of Faringdon (Berks) and 2nd, 1709, Peter Persehouse (1667-1731), and had issue:
(1.1) Sarah Pye (b. 1689) (q.v.);
(1.2) Barbara Pye (b. 1691), baptised at Faringdon, 16 November 1691;
(1.3) Richard Alington Pye (1692-1772) of Alvescott (Oxon) and later Middle Hill, Broadway (Worcs) and Brockhampton (Glos), baptised at Faringdon, 17 December 1692; married and had issue one son; will proved 17 September 1772;
(2.1) John Persehouse (b. 1710).
She inherited her father's Lincolnshire property.
She died about 1750; her will was proved 16 November 1750.

Turton (née Pye), Sarah (b. 1689).  Daughter of Richard Pye and his wife Barbara, daughter of Hugh Alington, baptised at Faringdon, 24 April 1689.  She married William Turton of Knolton Hall (Flints) and had issue:
(1) Sarah Turton (d. 1805) (q.v.).
She inherited her mother's Lincolnshire property.
She died before 1772.

Rowe (née Turton), Sarah (d. 1805).  Only child of William Turton and Sarah, daughter of Richard Pye.  She married Charles Rowe and had issue:
(1) Sarah Rowe (q.v.);
(2) Elizabeth Rowe.
She inherited her mother's Lincolnshire property.
She died in 1805.

Rowe, Sarah (d. 1828).  Only child of Charles Rowe and his wife Sarah, daughter of [forename unknown] Turton.  She was unmarried and without issue.
She inherited her mother's Lincolnshire property and also an estate at Bosbury in Herefordshire.  At her death she bequeathed her Lincolnshire land to Rev. Marmaduke Alington (1760-1840) and the Bosbury estate to his younger son, Henry Alington (later Pye) (1799-1883).  Her executors obtained a private Act of Parliament to vest her estates in trustees to pay off incumbrances and reinvest the remaining proceeds in alternative property.  
She died in 1828.

Alington, Henry (c.1636-90), of Aston (Herts) and Swinhope.  Younger son of Henry Alington (c.1605-62) and his first wife, Penelope, daughter of Sir Maximilian Dalyson of Halling (Kent), baptised at Bromley (Kent), 5 June 1636.  He married, 9 July 1663, Elizabeth (d. 1684/5), eldest daughter of William Bowyer (né Gamble) of Leytonstone (Essex) and his wife Katherine, daughter of Sir Marmaduke Rawdon, kt. of Hoddesdon, and had issue, with other children who predeceased him without issue:
(1) Elizabeth Alington (c.1664-1756); married, 10 October 1695, Thomas Butler of Roydon (Essex); died 27 April 1756, aged 92 and was buried at Aston (Herts);
(2) Marmaduke Alington (1671-1749) (q.v.);
(3) Henry Alington (b. 1672), baptised 22 April 1672; probably died young;
(4) William Alington (c.1674-1731) (q.v.);
(5) George Alington (1676-1733), born 11 and baptised 15 October 1676; died c.1733; will proved, 2 May 1733;
(6) Penelope Alington (1678-95), baptised 14 April 1678; died unmarried and according to a monumental inscription there was buried at Broxbourne in 1695, aged 15;
(7) Katherine Alington (b.1680); baptised 3 January 1680/81; died after 12 May 1746;
(8) Hildebrand Alington (1683-1712), baptised 10 June 1683; educated at Merchant Taylors School (admitted 1695/6); merchant in India; died aboard the "Gambroone", Madras, June 1712; will proved at Madras, 9 March 1713/4.
He inherited his father's Hertfordshire property and Swinhope.
He died 25 March 1690 aged 55 and was buried at Broxbourne (Herts).  His wife died 22 January 1684/5 and was buried at Broxbourne.

Alington, Marmaduke (1671-1749), of Swinhope.  Elder son of Henry Alington (c.1636-90) and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of William Bowyer of Leytonstone, born September 1671.  Educated at Merchant Taylors School, 1683-87 and Lincolns Inn (admitted 1693; called to bar, 1708; bencher, 1714; Treasurer, 1737); JP for Hertfordshire; Recorder of Hertford, 1714-49; acted as solicitor to the Drake family of Shardeloes (Bucks) and at their instigation became MP for Amersham, 1728-34.  He was unmarried and without issue.
He inherited his father's Lincolnshire property.
He died 5 September 1749 at Lincoln's Inn and was buried at Broxbourne (Herts).

Alington, William (c.1674-1731), of Edmonton (Middx). Younger son of Henry Alington (b. c.1636-90) and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of William Bowyer of Leytonstone, born about 1674.  Educated at Lincolns Inn (admitted 1700).  He married, about 6 April 1708, Elizabeth (c.1679-1735), daughter of Henry Winford of Astley (Worcs), sister of Sir Thomas Cookes Winford of Glasshampton (Worcs) and niece of Sir Thomas Cookes, founder of Worcester College, Oxford, and had issue:
(1) Hildebrand Alington (c.1708-55), baptised 15 February 1708; educated at Lincolns Inn (admitted 1720) and Queen's College, Oxford (matriculated 1727); died unmarried, 12 September 1755; will proved 27 October 1755;
(2) Elizabeth Alington (b. & d. 1710), baptised 17 August 1710;
(3) Elizabeth Alington (1711-70), baptised 27 December 1711; married, before 13 May 1734, Robert Threader (fl. 1755), cabinet maker and glassman; died 3 February 1770;
(4) Sarah Alington (1713-38), baptised 22 June 1713; died 28 February 1737/38 and was buried at Broxbourne (Herts); will proved 8 March 1737/8;
(5) Rev. Henry Alington (1718-81) (q.v.).
He inherited property in Hertfordshire and Middlesex from his father.
He died 15 June 1731 and was buried at Broxbourne; his will was proved 1 July 1731.  His widow died 15 October 1735 and was buried with her husband; her will was proved 21 November 1735.

Alington, Rev. Henry (1718-81) of Aston (Herts) and Swinhope.  Younger son of William Alington (d. 1731) and his wife Elizabeth, sister of Sir Thomas Cookes Winford of Glasshampton (Worcs), born 1718.  Educated at Lincoln College, Oxford (matriculated 1735; BA 1738/9; MA 1742).  Ordained deacon, 1739 and priest, 1741 in the diocese of Lincoln; curate of Swinhope, 1739 and Stenigot, 1741; Chaplain to the Earl of Oxford, c.1741-43; rector of Swinhope and Stenigot, 1741-81; rector of Aston (Hertfordshire), 1743-81.  He married, 5 June 1759, Frances (d. 1809), daughter of Robert Baron of Letchworth (Herts), and had issue:
(1) Rev. Marmaduke Alington (1760-1840) (q.v.);
(2) Rev. William Alington (1761-1849), from whom descend the Alingtons of Little Barford and Letchworth Hallbaptised 10 December 1761.  Educated at Hertford Grammar School and Peterhouse, Cambridge (admitted 1779; BA 1783; MA 1809); ordained deacon, 1784 and priest, 1785, in the diocese of Lincoln; curate of Benington (Herts), 1784-85; rector of Swinhope (Lincs), 1785-1837; rector (and patron) of Twywell (Northants), 1799-1849; rector of Little Barford, 1809-22.  He married, 2 July 1788, Sarah (d. 1808), daughter of John Williamson (d. c.1830) of Baldock (Herts), banker, and had issue two sons and two daughters; died 13 December 1849 aged 88;
(3) Henry Alington (1762-1845) of Bayley Hall, Hertford, solicitor; baptised 18 May 1763; articled clerk to Thomas Nicholl of Watford, attorney, 1780 and later to Thomas Mott of Much Hadham, 1785; JP for Hertfordshire; Treasurer of Hertfordshire; married, 27 December 1787, Mary Mann (c.1756-1843) and had issue one daughter; died 26 March 1845 aged 83 and was buried at Hertingfordbury (Herts);
(4) Mary Alington (1765-1850); born 9 April and baptised 9 May 1765; married, September 1793, Lt-Col. George Maddison (1762-1816) of Partney Hall (Lincs) and had issue one son; died 14 June 1850 and was buried 18 June 1850 at Halton Holgate (Lincs);
(5) Frances Alington (1767-1848); baptised 13 April 1767; died unmarried, 21 May 1848;
(6) Sarah Alington (1768-1854); baptised 2 June 1768; married, 7 September 1797, Rev. John Robinson (d. 1814) of Faldingworth; died 1854 and was buried at Middle Rasen (Lincs).
He inherited property in Hertfordshire from his father in 1731 and in Lincolnshire from his uncle in 1749.
He died 16 September 1781 and his will was proved 26 October 1781.  His widow died at Market Rasen, 16 March 1809 and was buried at Swinhope.

Alington, Rev. Marmaduke (1760-1840).  Eldest son of Rev. Henry Alington (1718-81) of Aston and Swinhope, and his wife Frances, daughter of Robert Baron of Letchworth (Herts), born 2 and baptised at Aston, 24 September 1760.  Educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge (admitted, 1778; BA 1782; MA) and Grays Inn (admitted 1778); JP for Lincolnshire; an active magistrate for over 50 years.  Rector of Stenigot (Lincs), 1785-1837, Thorganby (Lincs), 1787-1840 and Walsoken (Norfolk), 1787-1840. He married, 15 August 1794, Anne (1769-1851), eldest daughter of Rev. John Emeris of Louth (Lincs), rector of Tetford, and had issue:
(1) George Marmaduke Alington (1798-1890) (q.v.);
(2) twin, Henry Alington (later Pye) (1799-1883) (q.v.);
(3) twin, Frances Alington (1799-1828), born 3 August 1799; betrothed to her cousin, Rev. Henry Alington of Twywell (d. 1827) but died unmarried, reputedly of a broken heart, 28 April 1828; commemorated by a monument at Swinhope;
(3) Rev. John Alington (1801-83), born 11 December 1801; educated at Magdalen College, Oxford (matriculated 1818; BA 1822; MA 1825; Fellow, 1825-34); rector of Candlesby (Lincs), 1834-83; married, 12 May 1835, Charlotte Sophia (1814-), daughter of Sir Alan Bellingham, 2nd bt., of Castle Bellingham (Louth) and had issue eight sons and one daughter; died 1 June 1883;
(4) Hildebrand William Alington (1803-66), born 23 March 1803; married Katherine (d. 1874), daughter of Francis Overton of Louth (Lincs), but died without issue, 1866;
(5) Rev. Richard Pye Alington (1809-84), born 13 August 1809; educated at Bromsgrove Grammar School and St. John's College, Cambridge (matriculated 1829; BA 1835); ordained deacon, 1835 and priest, 1836; rector of Swinhope and Stenigot, 1837-84; married, 2 June 1842, Emily, daughter of William Medland of Hertford and had issue one son and several daughters; died 3 November 1884;
(6) Anne Alington (d. 1870), married Rev. William Cooper of West Rasen;
(7) Sarah Penelope Alington (d. 1864); married her cousin, Rev. George Alington Robinson (d. 1888), rector of Irby.
He inherited property in Lincolnshire and Hertfordshire from his father in 1781 and further estates in Lincolnshire from his distant cousin, Sarah Rowe in 1828.  He built Swinhope Hall in 1785.
He died 3 August 1840 and was buried at Swinhope, 7 August 1840.  His widow died 19 April 1851 and was buried at Swinhope.

Alington, George Marmaduke (1798-1890), of Swinhope.  Eldest son of Rev. Marmaduke Alington (1760-1840) and his wife Ann, daughter of Rev. John Emeris of Louth (Lincs), born 17 February 1798.  Educated at Westminster School and St John's College, Cambridge (matriculated 1816; BA 1820); JP and DL for Lincolnshire.  He married, 17 May 1825, Mary (d. 1877), daughter of Matthew Bancroft Lister of Burwell Park (Lincs), and had issue:
(1) George Hugh Alington (1826-52), of 68th Regiment; died at Malta, 9 June 1852;
(2) Rev. Charles Argentine Alington (1828-99) (q.v.);
(3) Adm. Arthur Hildebrand Alington (1839-1925) (q.v.);
(4) Albert Edward Alington (1841-1908), born 24 November 1841; of Binbrook (Lincs) and Canterbury (New Zealand); died 28 April 1908; will proved 9 June 1908 (estate £10,853);
(5) Frederick William Alington (1845-1915), born at Koblenz, 27 July 1845; died 28 June 1915; will proved 24 July 1915 (estate £4,100); commemorated by a monument at Swinhope;
(6) Sophy Ann Alington (d. 1910); married, 1862, Rev. William Charles Sharpe (d. 1865), rector of Holme Spalding (Yorks) and had issue one daughter; died 19 May 1910; will proved 25 August 1910 (estate £3,623);
(7) Ellen Fanny Alington (d. 1915); died unmarried, 25 June 1915; will proved 11 August 1915 (estate £122).
He inherited the Swinhope Hall estate from his father in 1840.
He died 18 February 1890, aged 92; his will was proved 14 October 1890 (estate £262).  His wife died 9 May 1877.

Alington, Rev. Charles Argentine (1828-99), of Swinhope.  Second but eldest surviving son of George Marmaduke Alington (1798-1890) of Swinhope and his wife Mary, daughter of Matthew Bancroft Lister of Burwell Park (Lincs), born 22 March 1828. Educated at Wadham College, Oxford (matriculated 1847; BA 1851). Rector of Muckton with Burwell (Lincs), 1852-84; missionary in Central Africa 1863-69; Swinhope (Lincs), 1884-99.  He married, 1 July 1873, Eleanor (d. 1874), youngest daughter of Daniel Cave of Cleve Hill, Mangotsfield (Glos) and had issue:
(1) Eleanor Cave Alington, born 5 May 1874; died unmarried, 31 March 1892.
He inherited the Swinhope Hall estate from his father in 1890.
He died 30 May 1899; his will was proved 22 August 1899 (estate £22,350).  His wife died in childbirth, 5 May 1874.

Alington, Admiral Arthur Hildebrand (1839-1925), of Swinhope.  Third son of George Marmaduke Alington (1798-1890) of Swinhope and his wife Mary, daughter of Matthew Bancroft Lister of Burwell Park (Lincs), born 10 October 1839.  Educated at Dr. Lovell's School, Winslow Hall (Bucks).  Entered Royal Navy, 1852 (Lieutenant, 1866; Commander c.1870; Captain, 1879; Rear-Admiral, 1894; Vice-Admiral, 1901; Admiral 1904).  He married, 9 June 1870, Charlotte Mary (d. 1913), daughter of Rev. Charles Moore of Garlenick (Cornwall) and had issue:
(1) Charlotte Hildegarde Mary Alington (1871-1946); married, 8 April 1899, Frederick Parkin (d. 1928) of Truro Vean (Cornwall), son of Capt. J.B. Parkin, and had issue one son and two daughters; died 1 October 1946; will proved 21 December 1946 (estate £16,711);
(2) Arthur Cyril Marmaduke Alington (1872-1930) (q.v.);
(3) Sophie Ellen Elfrida Alington (c.1875-1918); married, 1902, James Bonnell Ernest Hudson of Ferndown (Dorset), son of Capt. Thomas Keith Hudson RN and had issue one son; died 5 February 1918; will proved 21 March 1918 (estate £2,229).
(4) Vice-Adm. Argentine Hugh Alington (1876-1945) of Stamford (Lincs), born 10 July 1876; educated at Kelly College, Tavistock and Royal Naval College, Dartmouth; entered Royal Navy 1890 (Lieutenant, 1899; Commander, 1910; Captain, 1916; present at the scuttling of the German fleet in Scapa Flow; Flag-Captain and Chief of Staff to Admiral Leveson on China Station, 1922; JP for Soke of Peterborough; married, 15 October 1904, Janet Marchant (c.1882-1975), daughter of Howard Henry Tooth CMG of Churt (Surrey) and had issue, three daughters; died 25 March 1945; will proved 23 May 1945 (estate £1,059);
He lived in Richmond (Surrey) until he inherited the Swinhope Hall estate from his elder brother in 1899.
He died 7 December 1925, aged 86; his will was proved 10 April 1926 (estate £23,181).  His wife died 10 December 1913; her will was proved 5 March 1914 (estate £9,148).

Alington, Lt-Col. Arthur Cyril Marmaduke (1872-1930), of Swinhope.  Elder son of Admiral Arthur Hildebrand Alington (1839-1925) and his wife Charlotte Mary, daughter of Rev. Charles Moore of Garlenick (Cornwall), born 15 June 1872; served in the East Lancashire Regiment.  He married, Oct-Dec 1903, Gladys Evelyn, daughter of Col. Thomas Bramston Hamilton, of Bitterne Grove (Hants) and had issue:
(1) Wing-Cmdr. Marmaduke William James Alington (1906-69) (q.v.);
(2) Lt-Cmdr. Rupert Hildebrand Alington (1911-43); an officer of the Royal Navy; killed on active service;
(3) Wing-Cmdr. Patrick Hamilton Alington (b. c.1912) of Rochester (Kent); an officer in the Royal Air Force; DFC; married, 1944, Joyce Margaret, daughter of Lt-Col. C.A. Warmer and had issue two sons and one daughter;
(4) (Cyril) Geoffrey Marmaduke Alington (1914-87) (q.v.);
(5) Lt-Col. George d’Argentine Woolsey Hewitt Alington (b. 1919), of Sundridge, Kent; MC; married, 1947, Vera Victoria May, daughter of Edward Thomas de Faye and had issue one son and two daughters;
(6) Anthony Hugh Bradford Howland Hewitt Alington (1921-), of Ottery, Bridgewater, Somerset; married Shiela Marguerite, daughter of Capt. Lionel Steward Williams, of Totnes, Devon and had issue one son and one daughter
He inherited the Swinhope Hall estate from his father in 1925.
He died 11 April 1930; his will was proved 29 July 1930 (estate £956).

Alington, Wing-Cmdr. (Marmaduke) William James (1906-69) of Swinhope. Eldest son of Arthur Cyril Marmaduke Alington (1872-1930) and his wife, Gladys Evelyn, daughter of Col. Thomas Bramston Hamilton, of Bitterne Grove (Hants), born 26 March 1906.  An officer in the Royal Air Force, 1936-54 (retired as Wing-Commander); DFC and bar, 1943; AFC, 1941.  He married, 1942, Mary Jeannette Bunney (1909-75), formerly wife of Allen Lingard Rae Duke (1899-1959), and had issue:
(1) Tessa Hildegarde Alington (1946-95), born 9 October 1946 in Pietermaritzburg (South Africa); married 1970 Anthony C.J. Adam; died 1995.
He inherited the Swinhope Hall estate from his father in 1930, but sold it during World War II.
He died 4 January 1969, aged 62.

Alington, Cyril Geoffrey Marmaduke (1914-87), of Swinhope.  Fourth son of Arthur Cyril Marmaduke Alington (1872-1930) and his wife, Gladys Evelyn, daughter of Col. Thomas Bramston Hamilton, of Bitterne Grove (Hants), born 19 August 1914.  A test pilot in the RAF and civil aviation industry.  Author of a volume of reminiscences, A sound in the sky, published in 1994.  He married, 1953, Helen Amabel (1924-2006), daughter of John Lawrence Westmacott of Bursledon (Hants) and had issue:
(1) Rosemary Jane Alington (b. 1953); born 17 December 1953; married, 1980, Robin N.A. Maguire and had issue;
(2) Jill Annabel Alington (b. 1956); born 4 September 1956; married, 16 December 1983, Group Captain Adam Wise (1943-2008), Private Secretary and Equerry to Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, 1983-88 and had issue one son and one daughter.
He repurchased the Swinhope Hall estate after c.1964.
He died 6 August 1987 and was buried at Swinhope, where he is commemorated by a monument.  His widow died 27 February 2006.

Pye (né Alington), Henry (1799-1883). Second son of Rev. Marmaduke Alington (1760-1840) and his wife Ann, daughter of Rev. John Emeris of Louth, born 3 August 1799. He changed his name to Pye as a condition of an inheritance under the will of Sarah Rowe of Malpas in 1828. In 1843 he reclaimed 300 acres of coastal salt marsh between Donna Nook and Grainthorpe Haven (Lincs), the costs of which left him heavily in debt and laid the foundations of his downfall. He worked as a lawyer in private practice and Treasurer of the Parts of Lindsey, but in the summer of 1868 he was exposed as an embezzler and declared bankrupt, having siphoned off county funds and owing large sums on mortgages and small sums to his servants. Accompanied by his second wife and their young daughter, he fled to Belgium, where he remained, supported by his wife's fortune. His elder daughter Charlotte and husband joined them there, Charlotte herself having lost about £30,000. She and her husband returned to England at the beginning of 1869 for a holiday, but she became ill and died after a short illness. He married 1st, Charlotte Mary (d. 1847), daughter and co-heiress of John Yarburgh of Frampton, and 2nd, 1854, Lady Albinia Frances (d. 1893), daughter of Augustus Edward Hobart, 6th Earl of Buckinghamshire, and had issue:
(1.1) Charlotte Alington (1830-69); born 23 December 1830; a prolific balladeer and hymn-writer as "Claribel"; married, 1854, Rev. Charles Cary Barnard; died 30 January 1869;
(2.1) Mary Albinia Alington (1856-98), born 18 November 1856; married, 17 July 1877, Vice-Admiral Charles Home Cochran RN.
He inherited an estate at Bosbury under the will of Sarah Rowe (q.v.) of Malpas in 1828, but was obliged to sell it to alleviate his financial difficulties. He is said to have built The Cedars in St Mary's Lane, Louth, and in about 1851 he built a house called Pye Hall at North Somercotes, which was abandoned when he fled abroad, and finally demolished in 1972.
He died 26 April 1883.


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Location of archives

Alington, Adm. Arthur Hildebrand (1839-1925): diaries and household accounts, 1865-1923 [Private Collection]

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Sable a bend engrailed between six billets argent.

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